Turning Your Garden Minimalist

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Everybody has a different idea of what the perfect garden is. Some may think that to be perfect a garden must be a place for children to be able to enjoy themselves freely. Some may think that a garden has to be aesthetically pleasing to be perfect. And some consider the perfect garden to be a place where vegetables can grow. Everybody has a different idea of what the perfect garden is, so it’s okay if yours doesn’t look the same as your neighbour’s. And if your idea of the perfect garden is a minimalist one, then that’s okay too. In fact, if this is the case then make sure to read on for advice on how best to achieve the minimalist look in your garden.

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In this minimalist venture you should literally start from the ground up. You should create a minimal foundation in the form of hardscaping from which to build up from. This is because — as nice as the wonders of nature look in any type of garden — in minimalist gardens hardscape areas, such as paving, are all the rage. They are so popular because they offer a clean and uncluttered style that requires little to no maintenance. This is in comparison to more natural, grassy areas that do. So, hardscape, hardscape, hardscape! But don’t go overboard when you do so; be minimal. Hardscaping too much will make your garden look more like a concrete jungle than a relaxing, minimalist garden.

Once you’ve laid your foundations, it’s time to start building up. And the first thing you should do in this instance is bring in floral decor that will work to accentuate the hardscape area you’d laid. Drought tolerant plants, such as those that are included in xeriscaping design, look great when placed upon hardscaped areas. They do so because they just have that industrious look about them that sits perfectly in this type of area. They are naturally born to conserve water, and because they are so industrious in this sense they look perfect next to any man-made hardscape area. And if you want to spread this feel further in your garden, then make sure to take more inspiration from xeriscaping designs. This is a creative style of landscaping that works towards the conservation of water. It is for this industrious reason that minimalist designs go hand in hand with it.

But you need to build further up than just the decor you place on our hardscaped area. You can, if you want to have this be an area that you can relax in whatever the weather, have a roof fitted above it. If this was something that interested you, then you should look no further than having an alfresco roof built. This a modern style of roofing that draws obvious inspiration from the minimalist designs of the relaxing Orient; it offers an uncluttered view for whoever looks upon it. Thus, this is both the perfect way to shield your party area, as well as any party that forms within it, from the onslaught of the sun’s rays (or, if you’re British, the rain) this summer. And it’s perfect for whomever lays their eyes upon it too.

And that is the very description of a minimalist garden: it is a space that is both practical to use and perfect to look at. When it comes to your minimalist garden venture, make sure to bare this in mind at all times.