The Secret To Getting Your Message Across

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No matter what the message is you’re trying to convey; it could be a personal one, you could be trying to get people to take notice of your business, it could be a book that you have written or a website that you want people to visit. No matter what it is, if you have something to say in whatever format, then you need people to listen.

People can then decide for themselves once they have heard what you want to say if they agree with you or like your message, but you’ll never know unless you can get your message across to them in the first place.

Every day other people and businesses are trying to promote their products, services, new business models or modern lifestyles. The radio, television, and newspapers are full of different people pushing their messages out there to the masses. The landscape is crowded, so it is even harder to get your message across and to stand out and set yourself apart from all the others. Your message will be seen as just the same as any other, competing for attention. So, how can you overcome this challenge and make sure yours is the one that gets across?

First of all, take a look at examples of where people have succeeded in getting their message across successfully. Some people have not only had to get noticed but also try to change opinion – look at Muslim media for example, or campaigns to ban plastic, both have made a lot of noise and made people sit up and take notice.

People are more likely to pay attention to things that appeal to them, and they can relate to, and they’re more likely to remember and recall things that they have paid attention to. You need to make sure that your message is clear. You need to separate your point from the background noise as having too many messages can be confusing and can suppress, obscure, and distort the news.

Be direct, to the point and explicit. Try using catchy phrases, symbols, and icons which people will understand to make your message memorable. Your message needs to be something that attracts and holds attention as people find it easier to remember things that make a lasting impression on them. People remember things that stick in their minds, such as the right word, the correct phrase, especially when spelled out by the right character in the proper context.

Make sure what you’re trying to convey is also credible. Get real, everyday people to share their experience about your product, service or the concept you want to promote. Real people can add real emotion and opinion rather actors who have been told what to say and trained in how to say it.  

Be honest with people. Messages should be sincere and transparent; they should never convey attributes that are not part of the product, service, or concept.

In a nutshell, to be effective, a message must be appealing, clear, direct, credible, and transparent. The message should use characters and stories that people are familiar with and can relate to and can easily memorize and can recall when they are making a decision.


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