The Realities People Often Forget When ‘Escaping To The Country’

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The idea of escaping to the country is one that will always be completely relevant. While our hearts and minds might stay fixated on the idea of making it in the big city, our souls will always want a place of more natural beauty to relax and decompress. Of course, there’s no reason why you have to take things to extremes, such as either living in a high-rise set of apartments in the midst of NYC or living in the great open plains of rural country, miles from the next home.

But it can be that we feel moving to the countryside could offer us a range of wonderful considerations and comforting experiences. Yet when thinking this way, or when even planning our move, we can often forget the realities involved with moving to the country. This post will not attempt to warn you away from this, instead it will help you prepare more effectively for your new moving process.

With this, you will more effectively tooled to head to rural life and make the best of your story:

It’s Can Be Hard Work

If you hope to run your own smallholding or even small farm, you need to be prepared to work. The highlights you see from any farming show or ‘countryside escape’ program are often built on hundreds of hours of hard work. Irrigating the land, keeping the animals in good health, protecting the farm with the use of implementing safety fencing, ensuring that the huts and stables are well taken care of, attending to any animal medical issues and also licensing everything and keeping up with paperwork can be a difficult idea.

Even, of course, if you do not wish to engage with this kind of smallholding or farm keeping there are some things to keep in mind. How might you protect your property when the boundary limits aren’t as obvious coming onto your land as they might have been in the midst of a city? How might you light your property at night so it’s not lit-up like a Christmas tree but also signifies people are home. How might you engage with the rural neighborhood watch and ensure that you protect one another when the conveniences of the city security watch might not be there? Of course, these tips give the impression that the countryside is a dangerous, dingy place, and of course that’s not the case. But you might have to put a little more thought into the things you once took for granted.


It might be that you need to pay to have your septic tank drained, or perhaps to have your property well irrigated. Installing fences, maintaining your driveway, and perhaps even contributing to the community-backing to fill in road potholes is important. If deciding to run a small firm, it might be that finding the best tractor insurance or ride-on-lawnmower options requires somewhat of an investment, although this kind of investment is absolutely worthwhile and can protect future spending drops. Just be prepared to invest well into rural life. While it’s not as if you’re going to have your entire income drained, there are a few more things you may wish to budget for, and it’s best to go in with preparation.


Of course, what you trade for beauty and getting away from the ceaseless drones of people in the city is that of convenience. This is an important and quite wonderful point to consider, because it helps you prepare your expectations. For example, consider that you might need to conduct large purchases of your grocery shopping inventory, perhaps freezing large amounts from a wholesaler, because a simple trip to the store might be a little less convenient than before, or eat more of your day. It could be that ordering a package takes a day longer than usually expected. Sometimes, depending on how rural you live, delivery drivers might need more instruction to make it to your house. Perhaps there’s only one bus route for your children to make it to the next town. Maybe their job prospects are a little more limited when they look for their first employment opportunity, but because of the small nature of the local population, perhaps there’s less competition for them to find something worthwhile.

Of course, a lack of convenience is more than made up for in beauty, having somewhere loving to grow your family, and in that truly important contact with nature. It’s a fantastic choice to make. But with this advice, we hope you go into things a little bit more informed.

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