The Nerd Out With Me podcast is now a thing, and I have no idea why

I’ve been doing Youtube videos for a little over a year now, and by “doing” I mean sitting in my attic drinking beer with a friend and letting him turn them into fun video nonsense about board games, toys, movies, and whatever else suits our fancy. They’ve been fun and, for me, low impact — which is exactly what I wanted when I signed up for it, because the last thing I needed was another project.

So I don’t know what the hell was going through my head when I suggested we do a podcast.

What a terrible idea. See, I record and produce them. I’ve done it before, years ago when I did the Year of Hitchcock podcast with Jim McDevitt, my friend and coauthor of A Year of Hitchcock (which is a great book on film and you should get it). But that show was a little sketchy, done loosey goosey with little regard for whether or not it was good, as long as the two of us had a good time together; a LOAD of fun to do, but not necessarily my proudest moment despite at our peak drawing thousands of listeners per show. (Yeah, that amazes me, too.)

And yet here we are.

The Nerd Out With Me ’90s Cast is a 120-episode weekly trek through the 1990s, plus 120 MORE bonus episodes, along with video accompaniment, because we are gluttons for punishment. Basically you can just subscribe to the free podcasts on a bunch of services — iTunes, Android, Google Play Music, and others — or download them directly from our website on our podcasts page. Each show is 45 minutes to an hour long and comes out each Monday. We also do shorter video versions. Here’s the first episode, shortened for Youtube:

We’re hoping for some support, both to upgrade our sound quality with new mics and to pay for our hosting (and beer!), so we’ve launched a Patreon page to accompany this new endeavor. I’m not a fan of begging, so we tried to (hopefully) pack in even the lowest tiers with LOTS of stuff so people get a lot of bang for their buck. And by “lots” I mean ENTIRE EPISODES as bonus content, hours of video, and more — for just $2 a month! Upper tiers involves crazier stuff.

Come on, upwards of 6+ hours of bonus material for $2 a month is pretty good!

It’s an experiment for us. And for me. I wasn’t looking for another big ongoing project. I actually have a new book to work on (unannounced as I make this post) and loads of other irons in the fire, plus family and garden and life and yada yada yada. Who in the living hell has time for this shit?

But it’s fun, I hope it’s entertaining, and hopefully people like it … especially since we’ve committed to doing this crap for over two years!

Direct downloads and links to subscription feeds are here, the Patreon page (support us!) is here, and I need a beer, because promotion drives me up a damn wall. Ugh.


  1. Patrick LaMortePatrick LaMorte

    Because…. beer.

  2. Brian San JuanBrian San Juan

    Your thoughts on raccoon flying Mario make this whole damn podcast suspect.

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