The Bad Driving Habits We All Should Avoid

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When you learn to drive, it’s as much about understanding the rules of the road as it is knowing how to get from A to B. This is why, in many countries throughout the world, drivers are expected to pass a written test, as well as a practical one. For many people on the road, however, these tests happened years, if not decades ago. Over this time, it’s not uncommon to develop habits that put yourself and others at risk.

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So, with all that in mind, here are six bad driving habits to avoid.


  1. Driving Without A Seatbelt

No matter how long your journey is, you must make sure that you wear your seatbelt. It might not be the most comfortable accessory on the planet, but it can save your life. It can even protect the passengers in your car. After all, if you weren’t anchored to your seat by a belt, you would likely injure them or worse in an accident. If you often forget to wear your belt, then install an alarm.

  1. Driving Through Yellow Lights

Yellow lights are a signal to slow down before the red lights. Everyone knows this, but far too many people choose to do the opposite. Rather than slow down and get stuck at the light, a lot of drivers speed up instead. This bad decision often causes intersection collisions, resulting in damage and injuries. The few minutes you might have to wait at a light aren’t worth this risk.


  1. Driving Under The Influence

When you drink alcohol, even in small amounts, it stops you from functioning as you should. You might struggle to keep focus or react promptly to hazards, which all too often results in accidents. You are also much more likely to make reckless decisions. Make sure that you always plan ahead before drinking by booking a cab or designating a sober friend as the driver.

  1. Driving While Feeling Tired

Driving when you’re tired is very similar to driving while drunk. You face slower reaction times, impaired decision-making, and decreased awareness. There is also a very high chance that you’ll fall asleep at the wheel, which can be fatal, even if you only nod off for a few seconds. If you start to feel tired while driving, then pull over to a safe area for a while and take a nap.


  1. Driving In Bad Weather

Bad weather conditions can endanger even the most careful drivers. From wind to snow, there are a number of additional risks you have to face when you get on the road. When driving in bad weather, you must make sure that your headlights are working as they should be. You also need adequate traction on your tires and should slow down. Remember to pull over if you need to.

  1. Driving With Beams On

On dark roads and in inclement weather, high beams are an effective way to illuminate your path. However, they can also be blinding to any oncoming traffic. This is why you should turn your brights off right away if you see a car coming towards you. As soon as they’re a far enough distance away, you can turn those beams back on again.

To be a more responsible motorist, make sure that you avoid making the mistakes listed above.

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