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Unplugged 3: Insanely excited about the next two m2 projects, so that’s great

Sat down for my first purposeful recording session in a long while a few weeks ago. Recorded for four or five hours straight, just a mic in a room (an attic, actually) a few feet in front of my amp. Really cold up there. My fingers were numb. Laid down ten tracks of material, lots of layered guitar work weaving in and out of one another rather than the dense sound assault I’ve done in recent years. Tried a new approach to playing and just attempted various iterations on it. The interplay of the guitars excited me. Had about an hour and a half of material when it was wrapped up. Got super focused on working that material over the other day and started mixing….
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Unplugged 2: snow daze are no ways

My whole life, staying focused has always been a challenge. As long as I’m doing new things, exploring new ideas, doing new tasks, and pursuing creative projects I can keep that in check (usually by multitasking so I’m bouncing back and forth from one thing to another), but it takes work to, you know, work. So to suddenly get slammed with a fairly big snowstorm that keeps the family home, thereby extending their winter vacation home by another four days, isn’t exactly a boon to focus. Love them, but it’s a small house, and no, I don’t have a dedicated, private office space. Still, managed to take three or four rough chapter drafts from my next book and chisel them into finished initial drafts yesterday,…
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Trying to unplug in a plugged-in world, day one

On January 1, I decided to unplug from social media for January (aside from the social media work I do). No more checking in on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else. Just use the Internet as a tool rather than as a distraction. On the first day, I put together a rough mix for a lengthy music recording session I did over the holidays that may or may not turn into an m2 project, cobbled together rough but quite serviceable fan “movies” pieced together from Star Wars Rebels episodes, among other odds and ends. And obviously, I worked that whole time as well. It wasn’t groundbreaking stuff, but it was exactly what I had been missing: a chance to just sit down and be creative…
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