Surviving Healthcare Turmoil As A Health Worker

Contributed Post


There is no doubt that 2017 is a difficult time to work in healthcare.

The topic is one of the major discussion points on the national agenda. People tend to feel strongly on both sides of the argument. One side of the political spectrum despises the Affordable Care Act – better known as Obamacare – and wants to see it dismantled. The other supports the ACA, or at the very least see it as a gateway to to a single-payer system. The two sides have been clashing, with emotions running high due to the very literal life-or-death reality the debate can influence.

The most recent movements suggest that, for the moment, the ACA is here to stay. Three Republicans rebelled against the whip and downvoted the repeal of Obamacare. However, only the most naive of observers would believe that the matter is settled for good. Healthcare is such a divisive issue, it seems inevitable that it will rear its head during the remaining Republican administration.

So where does this leave healthcare workers? People who just want to help, who care deeply about their patients, and just want the system – any system – to work efficiently. If you work in this field, the endless debates can cause a feeling of insecurity to permeate your career of choice. Is there anything you can do about it?

Find Your Field

There will always be a place for well-qualified medical staff who have gone beyond basic training to ensure they are offering the best for their patients. Any system, today or in the future, is going to require these people.

It makes sense to try and specialize and improve your qualifications and experience, no matter what field of healthcare you’re in. For nurses, this could involve undertaking an RN to BSN online course to improve your depth of understanding. For doctors, it could be focusing on a specific specialty. Pulmonologists, psychiatrists, and geriatricians are all in demand at present, so a choice to move into these fields should ensure you’re always going to have work available – no matter who is in office.

Be Cautious Of Time

If one thing is sure in healthcare and politics, it’s that things take time. It can be years from the conception of a bill to it becoming law, so don’t panic every time you see healthcare on the agenda in the news. Focus on what you can control – your experience and your qualifications – rather than the machinations of the political system.

Explore Your Options Out-of-State

The idea of having to move to find reliable work is not a pleasant one; few of us can imagine how this level of upheaval would disturb our lives. Nevertheless, there is a higher demand for healthcare professionals in certain states. If you’re worried that the turmoil could result in closures or your existing role becoming untenable, then a move where you’re guaranteed to be in demand could be beneficial. Arizona, Ohio, and Florida all come high on the list of states with above average healthcare vacancies.

So while it might be a tough time for healthcare professionals, you do have options. Research, improve your skills, and you can be sure you’ll be able to go with the flow of changes – if and when they come.