Spurring Your Creative Writing Decisions

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It’s extremely easy to struggle when trying to maintain a certain level of written creativity. Even the best writers experience block from time to time. Of course, to some degree this is a natural process. How can a writer be continually expressive? Not only is there a great degree of self-editing and grammar that must be adhered to, but writing can be deceptively tiring. It might not feel as immediately freeing as casting paint on a canvas.

Of course, you might be bursting with ideas. It’s just that sometimes it can be hard to know where those ideas might direct you as you sit down to put words to paper, or your word processing software. Of course, a great method of simply writing is to write in free association, or more popularly, one word at a time. Still, if you’re looking for some guidance to spur your creative writing decisions, it can be worthwhile to think a little outside the box.

That’s write, deciding on something more than simply sitting down at your desk could be more useful than you expect. Consider our humble advice:

Engage With Writing Communities

Writing communities might seem like an unnecessary consideration, but they can be very useful if you find a great one. It might be that finding out why writing communities such as LCMPA could be essential to discuss with is only found through a first experience. If you’re not interested in contributing in a named environment or taking inspiration from a resource such as this, simply contributing to online discussion forums such as r/writingprompts could help you get started. Of course, writing communities needn’t be something dedicated you attend.

You might simply wish to elucidate your thoughts in a community known for long-term discussion around a certain topic, helping you overcome the bite-sized usual communication of most online spaces. To use another Reddit example, r/TrueFilm offers a range of complex discussion on the history of cinema. A few posts here might help you practice your written style.

Read Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You cannot expect to grow as a writer if you simply read the latest YA offerings, although something is better than nothing. Reading outside of your comfort zone can help introduce you to new styles, make new connections in your mind, and understand that the craft of writing is something subjective despite obviously conforming to articulated and comprehensive rules. Try reading some Dostoyevsky, some Mishima, some Joyce, some Proust. Anything that will give you an added edge and understanding of how cultures, periods, and personalities can inspire the written word. It could potentially be one of the most enjoyable parts of this process.

Give Yourself Time

Creative writing is not something that simply happens in a vacuum. There’s plenty churning away in your subconscious right now, and this only becomes more apparent when an idea will seemingly pop into your head from nowhere when in the shower. Give yourself time for this to develop. Don’t force it. Over time, you’ll become more adept at this, and trust yourself to make the right decision.

With these tips, you’re sure to spur your creative writing decisions more effectively.