Robots Are Creating A Healthcare Nerdvana

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The idea of robots with sophisticated artificial intelligence taking over the world has been one that Hollywood directors and sci-fi writers have enjoyed exploring for years. However, the fictional aspects of this concept have been what has driven the genre, until now.

Sure, there are major concerns regarding machines replacing humans in the workforce, a lot of which has already begun to happen from supermarket cashiers to telemarketers. But that doesn’t mean there are no benefits because there are. There are millions of benefits, and none more so than in healthcare, where robotics is mindblowing for anyone with even a small twitch of geekiness in them.

Unbelievable Precision Is Now Possible

There are no two ways to put this; surgery is a horrendous experience to go through. Waiting lists can be long, resources can be limited and risks can be high. But this is becoming less so with every month. Take daVinci for example, which is a robotic healthcare machine that has proved to alleviate so many surgical problems across a massive scope of problems, from head and neck complications to urology needs. Of course, you can visit for more information on exactly what it can achieve and how but, in short, DaVinci gives a surgeon that much better reach, that much more flexibility, and by working with incredibly small incisions it operates with some of the most outrageous precision, all while under the control of a surgeon. The future is here.

Vital Signs Can Be Checked With A.I.

Anyone that has endured any form of hospital stay will know that you are always interacting with nurses. They are the mainstay. They deal with taking blood, checking your vital signs, your condition and even ensure your hygiene is well-looked after. Well, these tasks are now being completed by robots, as you can see here Now that may scare you, but it shouldn’t because nothing is better at completing repetitive tasks than a robot.  But that isn’t all because this will mean nurses can be used for way more important and demanding tasks, tasks that require human thinking and decision-making, and, well, empathy. That is a cool step forward.

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Exoskeletons Are The Thing Of Dreams

This is the ultimate hair-raising step forward for anyone sci-fi fan or Playstation nut, but now they are the very things that are improving the lives of some of the most severely injured people. Exoskeletons can be used to help those who paralyzed walk again, those who have suffered a stroke recover, and those with spinal cord injuries make a much faster rehabilitation. This is a seriously costly move, but it is one of the most impressive and amazing steps forward in the rehabilitation process for so many people whose lives have been affected by serious injury, whether they be war veterans or car crash survivors. Exoskeletons could be one of the greatest achievements ever. It is early doors, and regulations will need to be put in place, and it will be tough to stay up to date with improving capabilities, but the investment will be so worth it for so many people.