Revisiting an old music collaboration

It’s hard to believe that it’s been four years since I made this first blog post. It’s even harder to believe that it’s been four years since Tim Granda and I spent a few woozy Thursday nights at his apartment in Red Bank, NJ recording the music mentioned in that post.

Sadly, while those sessions created some awesome memories and solidified a good friendship, musically all that resulted were a few rough sketch ideas and two semi-finished songs. I hoped to finished at least a third before we were through, “Keep It On,” heard here as two rough idea sketches, as I really liked how that one was coming together, but it was not to be. Tim fell in love and moved away, and that was the end of Astrobotz. Or Astrobots. Whichever.

Now, four years later, I’ve decided to share the highlights of those sessions. Tim doesn’t know I’m doing this, but so be it. This is what we created on those winter nights before wandering over to Brothers for a well-earned pint. Dig it, if you dare. (“Mama’s Alive” is my favorite track here.) I’ll probably throw this on my music blog next week.

The Red Bank Demos

1) Under the Sun (3:09)
2) Mama’s Alive (Daddy’s A Liar) (3:51)
3) Groove 8 (1:01)
4) Groove 3 (2:40)
5) Groove 2 (Keep It On, version 2) (0:55)
6)Groove 2 (Keep It On, version 3)(0:55)
7) Groove 4 (Under the Sun) (1:23)

All songs (c) Tim Granda and Eric San Juan 2005. More information on this release here.