A Quickee Linkee

So someone pointed out to me that a blogger called Comicsgirl has linked to my Sandman series. She’s got a nice comics-centric blog. Check it out. Thanks for the kind words, CG, here’s a link right back atcha.

Neil Gaiman has linked to the series three times on his journal, so I expect lots of Sandman fans have been reading. That’s rather gratifying, but also entirely unexpected, seeing as I began writing it just to entertain myself.

It looks like one of my quotes is being used in the marketing materials for some Avatar: The Last Airbender DVDs. That’s pretty cool. I guess I ought to go find the latest DVDs and see if it’s on the packaging, too.

Over at TOR.com, website of one of the biggest publishers of fantasy and science fiction in the world, a blogger discusses genre magazines and specifically talks about the issue of Weird Tales in which my piece, Whispers of the Old Hag, appeared.

True fact: Writers like to see their name in print, even if it’s only in a table of contents. It never, ever gets old.

Also a True Fact: Magazines are dying, folks. Get out there and support them.

Not too long ago I began to read and review the Garth Ennis run on Hellblazer, as well as Brian Wood’s DMZ. I hope to get back to doing that soon, but things have just been too busy. Priorities, priorities.

I used to be a member of the Internet Entertainment Writers Association, but you know what? I have no idea what that organization did, stood for, or was all about. Oh well. It SOUNDS nice, I guess.

I am not Erik San Juan. That Erik is a very talented artist. I am not. It would be a total hoot if he and I worked together on a project one day. Maybe I ought to write to him …

Now it’s time for lunch.