PMI PMP – A Quick Guide to Earning the Certbolt Certification

With the rise in demand of project managers in the industry, many certifications and degrees related to this sphere are gaining popularity. And why wouldn’t the demand increase? These specialists are the backbone of any company because they focus on achieving organizational goals that a usual employee lacks the experience or education to do. But, to prove you have this advanced competence, you need to validate your professional worth, for example, through credential. And here is when PMP comes into action.

Brief Overview of PMI PMP Certification

Project Management Professional (PMP) is a top-notch accreditation offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI), one of the top vendors in the field. PMP stands out among other similar badges because it offers the most up-to-date information and verifies all the right skills needed to lead any project in any industry.

What Are the Qualification Criteria of PMP?

To be eligible for the PMP exam and badge, you need to meet some prerequisites. Primarily, you can just start with an associate degree or even a high school diploma. However, you must also have 60 months’ project management experience and 35-hour training in the sphere or a CAPMcertbolt certification in this case.

On the other hand, if you hold a four-year degree, you need only 36 months’ experience in project management along with the same 35 hours of education. For more visit

How Much Time and Money Does It Take to Get the PMP Credential?

The exam cost for the PMPcertbolt certification will depend on whether you are a PMI member or not. If yes, then the enrollment fee is $405, while otherwise, it is $555. Also, remember to allocate some money for a training course or other study materials. For example, even the exam preparation guides for PMP may cost up to almost $100. However, you can always find some free prep resources. Speaking of the time needed for revision, different sources claim it to be about 2–4 months of everyday rigorous learning.

Would Your Investments Pay off?

According to PayScale, the PMP certboltcertification can bring its holder about $106k per year. And this is just the beginning! With gaining more experience and promotions, the salary increases many folds. Thus, as stated on the same website, depending on the company you work for and the experience you have, you can earn up to $185k per annum!

What Happens After You Receive Your PMP Badge?

After you obtain the PMI PMP badge, your career will be revolutionized. Many companies value PMP certified professionals over a Master’s degree because of their real-life industry knowledge. But, be ready to maintain your accreditation, and this process is not easy because you have to obtain 60 PDUs (Professional Development Units) over a period of 3 years to keep the badge valid. These PDUs are earned by either taking courses or by working in the industry. For more visit


PMP is not a Certbolt certification that you earn with minimum efforts but at the same time, you can be sure that its worth in the market is great. It can potentially revolutionize your professional path and help you grow in your career, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in just a year! All you need to do is register for the required exam, pay a fee, and study hard to get accredited!

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