Planning A Backyard You Can Enjoy All Year Round

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Your garden can often become a little neglected during the colder months, and you might only pull out the BBQ when the sun is shining, and it’s warm enough to put a T-shirt on. However, your backyard space is effectively another room to your house that you could be utilizing more often. If you’re paying your mortgage; you might be wasting a significant portion of what you paid for, which just doesn’t make sense. Therefore, it could be time to step outside and put some plans in place to create a garden that you, your friends, and family can use whatever the season is. There’s nothing like fresh air and a bit of nature to keep your life in balance, so give the outdoor room some love and invest in making it as appealing as possible.

Just like any of the other rooms in your home; your garden can provide somewhere to chill out, eat, or entertainment and recreation. It all depends on how green-fingered you are, and what you want to get out of the space. The sooner you start the planning process, and contacting the right people to help; the quicker you can get outside into an inviting and even exciting space. The following are some tips, ideas, and inspiration for those who feel that their backyard needs some attention because they want to spend more time outside.

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Add Water

An outside space is the perfect area for a pool, so start looking into companies like Eco Pools custom pool builders who can design you something that fits well within the environment and is sustainable. An outdoor pool can be enjoyed by everyone, and a heated option will mean that you can have a swim even on the coldest of days. If you have a smaller space, but still want to enjoy water in the garden; a hot tub can provide a relaxing area for you sit in the warmth. Just like a bath; it’ll soak your muscles, and you can breathe in the fresh air during all weather conditions as you relax in the bubbles.

Add Food

If you are into the process of growing and tending your garden; you can create a kitchen garden, full of fresh ingredients that you can pick or harvest at various times of the year. Fruit, vegetables, and herbs that have been homegrown will mean that you’re always able to eat seasonally, and have food to hand literally outside your back door. If you’re more into cooking up some meat and food on the BBQ; create a heated and covered patio or decking area so that you can enjoy chargrilled delights all year round. A BBQ is the perfect excuse to invite people over, come rain or shine; just make sure that you have a table and seating set up, and those heaters are working during the winter months.

Investing in your garden space will add a new dimension to your lifestyle and ensure that you g=have more room to relax and enjoy life in your home.

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  1. Nadya Jones

    My friend is planning to add edible plants to her backyard living space. Changing from flowering plants to edible plants. She wants it to compliment her outdoor space decoration and furniture. What’s the best plant to start with?

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