Out And About: Protecting Your Home When You’re Not In It

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How often are you in your household?

Ideally – not too much! We all need to get out and about and enjoy life. That being said, our homes are places of comfort, it’s only natural that we are going to spend a lot of time there.

Absence can cause worry. If you’re not in your house, you don’t know what is happening to it, you don’t know what is going on until you return. That doesn’t mean you have to constantly worry, but absence is going to naturally cause it. The lack of knowledge possessed by yourself when you are not around is going to create it. That’s not fair on you! You should be able to go out and spend time with others, not be caged in a jail of worry.

Thankfully, due to many modern improvements and developments, safe of mind is always around, waiting to be found. Protecting your home is something that doesn’t have to rely on you being around, not anymore.


Smart locks can be fitted onto your door to allow remote access to a property. Not only that, but via apps, they can be locked remotely. You can even check up on the status of the lock from far afield. Is it locked or unlocked? That’s information you can now know without sprinting back in a panic to your door. Smart locks can link to a companion app to relay information to you about your door no matter your location. No more reason to panic.

Security systems are also a sound investment, most come with video and audio feeds that can be relayed via the internet to a smartphone, tablet or computer. Security systems can not only protect your house, but can put another pair of eyes on your property and call in the authorities should they be needed. This all can happen without your interaction and with security system apps you can remotely check in and view the status of your home.

Do you see the running thread here? Your phone is going to give you a lot of options in regards to home security if you make the right purchases. Smart home ecosystems, locks, cameras and alarms can be attached to your phone with relevant apps and software allowing you to manage your household from anywhere in the world. All the information you need to know about your home can be found on your smartphone. The secret to safety might very well be in your pocket.

All these developments mean you don’t need to worry the next time you go out for dinner and can’t remember if you’ve locked your door – you need only excuse yourself and access your phone. More advanced systems will lock your door knowing you’re not in the house. Technology has done a lot for us, but freeing us of the stress of worry and panic is probably the best gift that it can bring. Service your home and protect it when you’re not around to do so.


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