Nothing’s Gonna Stop You! (Music Career Hurdles and How To Overcome Them)

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Being successful in the music biz is a dream that millions of us harbor, yet few of us get to top the charts. Of course, this is because so many people trip and fall over the hurdles that lay in between them and success. Barriers that you can find out how to sail over in my post below.

You struggle to sing.

It may be a controversial point, but not all people that have success in the music industry can hold a tune. In fact, there are plenty of successful, famous recording artists that rely heavily on mixing and editing to create their signature sound. Something that means that as long as you have the technical know-how or a team behind you, your actual vocal skills aren’t as critical as you’d think.  

Of course, you may instead choose the route of improving your voice yourself, instead of having it manipulated in post-production. Luckily, this is pretty easy to do as well, as you can get singing lessons and practice with online tools.

Some musicians even get tested to see if they need hearing aids to help them in this area. The reason being that being able to hear your own voice more clearly can make it much easier to tell when you hit the right notes, and that can help to make you a better vocalist.

You can’t play an instrument.

You may think that to be a roaring success in the music industry you actually have to be able to play an instrument to a professional level, but this isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, many bands that are hugely successful and well regarded in the current music scene like Foals started out being able to play little more than one note on the guitar over and over again.  

What this means is that as long as you have a love for the music you are making and the willingness to master your instrument, whether that be a guitar, keyboard or even your voice, it needn’t stand between you and your music career success.

You can’t write your own music.

Some bands and artists like Lady Gaga  are famous for not only performing, but also writing and composing their own music as well. However, don’t be intimidated if you aren’t that this stage yet. In fact, many successful musicians don’t write their own tracks and even more that have creative control but work with other artists during the writing process.

Therefore, if you have at least some of the other qualities mentioned in this post going for you, not being able to score shouldn’t hold you back too much, especially in the pop genre.

You don’t have the right look.

Back in the day, the look of an artist or band would be taken over by the recording studio. Happily, most artists are a lot more style and image consciousness now, but even if you not quite there yet, there is no need to panic.

This is because you can employ a stylist to help you pick out your haircut and color, as well as choose what clothes to wear for gigs, album covers, and even award ceremonies.

In fact, with all the help out there that is available, and to paraphrase a successful band from the 1980s, if you follow the advice above, nothing will stop you from being successful in the music biz!