Neat Freak: What A Clean Cut Garden Looks Like

Contributed Post

More and more of us want less and less to do with a basic garden. We realize in this day and age that land is quickly being used up, so we’ve got to make the best with what we’ve got. Gardens don’t have to be boring and just the stereotypical long and green lawn types. They can be imaginative and offer us a place to come and think in quiet. We need to value more, what our gardens can do for us and achieve in design and style. Maybe you don’t want to create something too complex, you just want a nice place to spend time with your partner or children. Yet the garden should also be something that you can be proud of and not just a lounging area that looks like an add-on of a living room. A clean cut garden can give you this as each part of the garden is neatly, performing a different role for you without trespassing into another.

Clear a path

Pathways in gardens are sometimes the unsung heroes of the overall design. They might look basic and simple, but actually a well designed pathway takes meticulous planning. The pathway cuts its way through and around the garden entirely, thus the design has to be complex yet simple. It’s quite deceiving in this manner because it has to level off with each plain in the garden. The lawn, stoning, decking and more are what the pathway has to contend with. Speak to a landscaping contractor and they can assess your garden to see how they could incorporating a pathway. They can use rough cut stoning, high quality bricks, granite blocks, and if you wish just simple pebbling.

Creating various borders

As time goes on in a garden, flower patches, plant patches and even vegetable growth patches can spill over each other and cause a wild fray. They can overlap and begin to look like a globular mess. Therefore, creating various borders around these patches makes perfect sense. You can do this at home by yourself or ask a professional to come have a look. The premise is simple. Draw off the edge of each patch, dig a somewhat deep trench. In the trench, bricks and cement will steadily be housed so they can cut off the patch from the rest of the garden. This provides patches, pathways, lawns and more with distinction. It also stops soil from being washed over and into the aforementioned features of your garden. It keeps things nice and neat.

In between walls

If your garden is clean cut there should be no mistake about it’s separation from the home. You can erect between walls that can draw off the garden from the home if you really want it to be independent from the rest of the home. These walls don’t have to be high enough to block your vision of the garden, but they can quite clearly be the pass-through that puts a wedge between the garden and the immediate outdoors such as the patio or decking.

For those of us who are neat freaks, edges in the garden make perfect sense. They offer distinction to the patches and they refrain any undue soil from spilling over a beautiful pathway.