My Handy Rant About The Human Body

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Health is a fascinating, time consuming somewhat irritating subject. Let me explain. One of the most fascinating things about health is that the human body is like a machine. It has lots of little bits and pieces with cogs turning that make it run. That’s pretty cool, but what’s irritating is that like a machine, parts break down and may stop working completely. Now, that in itself is just a fact of life. But there are some cases where things go wrong, and the doctor has no idea what causes them. When a machine breaks down, there’s always a reason, a cause. We can discover that cause because we know that somewhere out there’s the producer or developer that created that machine. But, you can’t ring up the producer of the human body and ask why red spots have appeared on your body. Or, why suddenly you have chronic, constant pain in your legs.

An example of a condition in the human body that has no known cause is Fibromyalgia. This condition was once believed to be something only experienced by the paranoid and the health obsessed. In fact, many doctors argued for a very long time that it was purely psychological. Opinion has now shifted though, and doctors do believe there is a physical cause for the chronic pain that people with this condition suffer from. They’re just not entirely sure what that is, and for this reason, it can’t be cured.

There are plenty of other medical conditions like this such as Dementia. Dementia is a truly terrible disease that can occur as early as your forties and will slowly diminish your mental capacity. We know the physical cause. It’s the degradation of cells in your brain and the destruction of gray tissue. We’re just not entirely sure why it happens. The good news is that researchers believe they might now have found a possible cure for dementia. The bad news? It won’t be on the market for about five years if human trials are successful.

That’s another problem with modern medicine. The cures take forever to formulate, and you can’t access them while they are in a trial period. Now, you might think, if there’s a drug out there that could potentially save my life or stop the effects of a dangerous illness, why don’t I have the right to get that drug, even if it hasn’t been FDA approved. If I know all the risks and understand them, why can’t I personally take that chance?

The problem here is that it starts a precedent that would mean drug companies could sell products that haven’t been clinically tested and they could charge a fortune for them too. It’s a dangerous road and one that the law is eager to leave closed.

So yes, medicine while fascinating can be terribly irritating. But here are a few tips on how to make sure you protect your health without the fear of medical issues affecting your entire life.

Stay Off The Net

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Remember when Avian Flu reached a peak? The Daily Mail released a story suggesting that a hundred thousand people would die in the first year which was incredibly false. The number of deaths from this disease in the UK didn’t even top a hundred. This was fake news before the fake news. But it still left people panicking and caused a number of individuals to rush to the doctors with what they thought were the symptoms of this dangerous disease. It happens with virtually every epidemic you can think of, and it doesn’t stop there.

Pick a symptom, any symptom and type it into Google. I guarantee one of the very first results will tell you that the symptom, be it a runny nose, red pinprick spots on your skin or a headache is a sign of cancer. With so many resources telling you this, it’s difficult not to start panicking because if there’s anything that drives people into a state of perpetual fear, it’s cancer. But here’s the fact that people aren’t aware of about the C word. It’s not as common as you think.

Yes, one in three people will get cancer at some point in their lives. But the deadly ones are actually incredibly rare, and the prognosis is often better than you think. So, even if you do get a symptom and it does lead to a diagnosis it probably isn’t the end of the world.

Of course, it is worth pointing out that nine times out of ten, you won’t get any diagnosis. Sometimes the human body just changes and that’s another irritating thing about it. What you might think is a cancerous bump is more than likely just a cyst.

No Pain, No Problem

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Ah, now this is an interesting one. You might think that if you slip or trip over, you get up and there’s no pain, there’s nothing to worry about. But that might not be true. It’s entirely possible and even quite likely that the pain will develop later and this has been an issue for a number of people who have suffered an accidental injury. The human body is a funny thing, and sometimes it has a delayed reaction to an issue.

So, you might have tripped a few days ago, and your body has said, nothing to worry about, we’ve got this! But then a month or two later, you’ve developed a pain in your leg. That’s your body saying ‘I think there’s a slight problem here Jim.’ At which point you’ll go to the doctors, and they will tell you there was an underlying injury. The good news here is that if you head to the doctors earlier, they’ll tell you that there was a problem because they’ll be able to see evidence of it. That’s crucial in case your next appointment needs to be with an accident lawyer serving people like you. Particularly if the injury occurred on someone else’s property. As such, if you are injured for any reason it is worth heading to the doctors. Even if there’s no pain.

The Two Week Rule

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Aside from when you have actually suffered an injury when it comes to the human body and your health, you should probably use the two-week rule. If you have a symptom and it hasn’t gone away in two weeks head to a doctor’s and get it checked out. You’ll find that most symptoms do disappear after two weeks and even if they don’t it’s probably still going to be nothing. Oh and remember, stay off the web!


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