Married Vs. Single Life: What’s Better For Your Health?

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People have long joked that the married life is a stress-filled one. Constant arguments, the obligation to compromise, and many more factors are a reason for this. However, we all know plenty of couples who simply couldn’t spend a day apart from each other. So, I was interested to find out the answer to an important question. What is the better option? The results are pretty interesting.

This article from CNN talks about a variety of reasons why single life might be better than marriage. For one, sleeping alone allows singletons to get a better night’s sleep. There’s no fighting over the covers, of course! Also, those who are married tend to put less work into their appearance, if this is to be believed. Those who are single obviously have to work harder to impress potential mates. This means that obesity might just find itself creeping into a marriage without you even realising it. This leads to less exercising, which then leads to poorer general health.


And of course, being single is obviously the more preferable option to being in the wrong type of marriage. If you’ve ever suffered from an abusive or simply incompatible relationship, you need to get out. Keep in mind that none of our positive marriage results apply if you’re stuck in a relationship that isn’t right for you.

For those who don’t need the divorce solicitors, healthy marriages have all sorts of benefits. According to Medical Daily, they have been shown to improve heart health. It would appear that your cardiovascular health gets a slight boost in a good relationship, and lessens in a bad one. Lower blood pressure levels are also a potential benefit for those who get a lot of joy out of their marriage.


And according to the same article, being in a healthy marriage appears to help you live longer. Having someone there to care for you and make sure you don’t go off the rails is a big factor. You’re much more likely to stop doing things like drinking alcohol if there’s someone there to monitor your usage.

Many of these factors also go into an improved mental state on the part of both people in the relationship. Despite your mental headaches, the closeness of the relationship provides a lot of love. This satisfies your emotional needs. So, although you might think that your partner is driving you crazy, you’re also getting a lot of benefits out of it!


Of course, there are things like financial issues which are also eased when you’re in a relationship. Having two people to contribute towards funds is beneficial, particularly if you’ve got a little one running around. Being single automatically puts you in charge of your own finances, contributing to stress levels much more.

Ultimately, though, we can’t put a definitive stamp on either option as being better for your health. It seems like marriage has the victory here, but only in the right type of marriage. It all comes down to your individual circumstances, which are far more important than any statistic or suggestion we can mention.