Making Music That People Really Want To Listen To

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If you consider yourself to be a musician, then you probably dream of having a career in music where you earn a comfortable, honest living. However, in order to achieve this, you’re going to need to ensure you’re making music that people really want to listen to.

Below are some pointers budding musicians can use to experience some success:


Stay Ahead Of Trends

Make sure you’re staying ahead of trends in the music industry. You don’t have to follow trends, but it’s a good idea to know what other people are doing and what’s popular, in just about any genre you choose to pursue. Stay on top of your music knowledge by listening to current albums, reading up on musicians and their work, and watching documentaries and other things.

Get Advice

Perhaps your music has been around for a while now but it’s not getting the results you want and you’re not sure why. See if you can get some advice – just don’t take the advice that everybody gives you to heart. Ask friends and family what they think of your music or what could be improved, but only if you think they’ll be honest. If you go looking for an agent or management like Coran Capshaw and you can’t seem to get signed, it could be a good idea to ask for feedback, although you won’t always get it.

The key here is to take any constructive criticism that resonates with you on board, but not to necessarily listen to everything you are told. You can’t please everybody, so don’t try to.

Make Different Styles Of Music

Try your hand at making different styles of music and see what happens. You’ll notice that many artists and bands evolve over time and sound completely different, so it could be time for you to try something new.

Don’t Try To Be A Copy Of Anybody Else

You want to be successful, but you shouldn’t try to be a copy of anybody else. The key is to be your authentic self and do what feels right to you. If you do ‘make it’, you want to be known for your own unique talent, not for being like somebody who is already big.

Treat Your Music Career As A Business

It’s so important that you treat your music career as a business. Your music might be fantastic, but if you’re not marketing it enough or correctly, it’s not going to get anywhere fast. Make sure you use various platforms to get your music out there, including sites like Spotify, Soundcloud, and YouTube. Get friends and family to share and support your music. Do free gigs – but only until you have enough confidence and experience to put on a great show. Then, you should be asking for some kind of compensation. Work on your music career business each day, whether you’re writing something for a social media page or a blog, creating a YouTube video, or networking.

Are you ready to break into the music industry?

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