Make The Most of Small Gardens: Tiny Yard, Big Impact

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You don’t need a massive outdoor space to create an attractive and functional garden. There are lots of simple techniques that will transform the smallest of yards and create the illusion of a larger area. And the winter months are a great time to work on this, to ensure you’re ready for spring.

Start With Function

When planning your garden, begin with function. What do you intend to use it for? Will it be somewhere to relax at the end of a busy day or on weekends? Are you looking for a manageable yard, with the minimum of maintenance?  Do you want to grow your own herbs, fruit, and vegetables? Or are aesthetics more important? Determining the function of your garden will help you plan and sketch out a design.

Create Space

At the beginning of any gardening project, it’s important to clear some space. If your garden is full of rubbish or garden debris, begin by clearing it away. Hire a skip or take any unwanted items to your local recycling center. It’s surprising how much room those old tools and rusting lawnmower can take up.


Creating space also involves looking at your garden as a whole. You may see the available area as the lawn and the flower beds nearest to the house. But what about the space taken up by trees or thick bushes? If they were cut back, you could add several feet of space to the overall area. Clearing trees and bushes is a big job. If it’s manageable and doesn’t require a professional, ensure you have the right tools at your disposal. Read reviews to find some of the best chainsaws for homeowners.

Plant Upwards

When it comes to planting, we usually look at the ground area. But this often wastes valuable vertical space. Installing a trellis can provide you with extra planting area. Consider attaching small pots to the wood to create a vertical wall of flowers.

Another useful way to experiment with vertical space is to stack wooden crates. They may need to be reinforced with additional wood, to provide extra strength. However, they make a great wall of planters and can be used for several varieties of plants and flowers.


Just as mirrors can provide the illusion of a larger room, they can also make your garden seem larger than it is. Hang some mirrors on the wall or fence to reflect back the surrounding plants and greenery. This will add depth and create a larger, more spacious appearance.



Following on from the idea of planting upwards, consider stacking your planters. Purchase several planters of different sizes that will fit on to of one another. Grow herbs or other plants in a tiered formation.

Upside Down Planters

As well as using vertical space, some plants can be grown in upside down planters. Old food or drinks containers can be transformed into a plant pot, which can be strung from a wall or fence.

There are countless ways to make the most of even the smallest garden or balcony. All it takes is a little planning and a little creativity.

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