Listen to This: Bettie Serveert, “Palomine” (1992)

A series in which I recommend music that might have flown under your radar.

Bettie Seveert – Palomine

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“Bettie Serveert” sounds like a person’s name, but it’s actually a Dutch indie rock band that has been going since 1991 or so. And yeah, they are STILL going strong nearly 30 years later! As I write this, they are 10 albums deep into their career. Deservedly so, too.

This recommendation is of their debut, Palomine, and it’s a winner. I remember jamming with this when it came out in 1992, but at the time it wasn’t “heavy” enough to make waves in the alternative scene.

Too bad. The record was fantastic then and is still great today. With terrific melodies, painful lyrics, and a stirring energy that can’t help but grab you tight, it’s one of these “grower” albums that gets better with every listen. The title track is great, but the one I push people to is the jumpy, fun, yet aching Tom Boy:


That’s great stuff. Don’t deny it. And if that doesn’t convince you, this epic live version will.

If you dig it, buy it, and until next time, listen to this!

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