Lad’s Lawn: A New Take On The Man Cave

Most people have heard of the idea of a man cave. In essence, this is a space a person creates for themselves to get a chance to escape from life. Of course, though, when it comes to your entertainment, sticking with the normal isn’t exactly most people’s priorities. But, how exactly can you create a space to leave your friends in awe? To help you to achieve this, it’s time to explore a unique location for your man cave; the garden.

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  • Making It Comfortable

Comfort is key when you’re creating a space to relax with friends, and furniture with be a huge part of this. You can get good garden items from loads of different places, though making this sort of product isn’t too hard, either. Just make sure that everything you use is treated for the climate in your home.

Along with the chairs, tables, and other furniture you have, being cold or wet will also make the outdoors uncomfortable. Keep your guests happy with a warm patio heater.   A patio heater is a great way to deal with colder weather, and a parasol or gazebo is great for the rain. Along with this, though, you could also consider a fire pit or a collection of umbrellas to give to guests.

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  • Adding Some Class

A lot of people won’t be happy with the idea of their garden just being occupied by some furniture, though, especially if it’s going to be your new chill-out spot. A pool or hot tub is a great way to add some class to your outdoor space. Of course, though, you’ll need the help of a company like if you want to maintain this part of your home correctly. Along with this, you’ll also need some help installing everything.

Getting something a little bit simpler will be some people’s cup of tea. To achieve some wonder in your garden, without having to splash out, a projector can be one of the best options you have. If you have a large wall in your garden, you already have most of the tools you need. Now, it’s just a matter of choosing some movies to watch, and you’ll be ready to enjoy your new feature.

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  • Refreshments

Of course, you won’t get very far into a stay in your garden if you don’t have a way to store some cold drinks out there with you. Saving trips inside is a great way to make your experience in the garden more enjoyable. Companies like sell loads of products to make this easier for you, from cooler boxes to full-on outdoor refrigerators.

Drinks aren’t everything, and you’ll probably want a way to make food when you’re enjoying the outdoors, as well. For a long time, the humble barbeque has been the best tool for outdoor cooking. You can find an item like this for almost any budget. So, it’s worth shopping around before you choose to settle on something.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working on your own outdoor man cave. Not a lot of people think about this alternative to the norm. But, in homes without much indoor space, this can be the perfect way to forge a space for you and your friends.


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