Keeping The Kids Happy: Why You Should Be A Cool Fool And Get A Pool

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Ah, yes, children. Little joys of the world; miracles of life; bane of your existence. We’ve all been there before, and I know why you’ve trudged over here with your head hanging low and options running even lower. They’ve been nagging you again, and you’re at your wit’s end. This time they want a pool, and you most likely laughed in their faces to begin with.

Still, maybe you shouldn’t be so hasty to dismiss the idea. Now you’re most likely laughing in my face, but I guarantee that you won’t be so against the thought of a swimming pool once you’ve considered the benefits to you. I’m not saying you don’t want your kids to be happy, of course (we’d never admit that). I’m just saying that you can be happy too, and this won’t be a negative decision for you. If you didn’t know where to begin, you could consider pool landscaping to get an idea of how it would fit into your garden, but let’s look at some of the benefits of being a little crazy and getting a swimming pool for your back garden.

Keeping fit.

Little do your kids know, this is the solution to your own nagging. You always wanted them to get off their iPads and go out more. Well, now they will be. Granted, they might still be using their iPads by the pool, but at least they’ll actually be going outside now. At least they’ll actually be getting some exercise, even if they don’t realise it.

This is a treat for all of you. Now you can spend your days after work relaxing, but you’ll also be squeezing in that exercise you didn’t have time for during your work day. Two birds with one stone, and no more guilt. Perfect.

Keeping the kids and your bank account happy in the long run.

You’re worrying about the cost of a swimming pool, and that’s totally understandable. Still, maybe you also hate the ridiculously expensive nature of two week holidays which revolve entirely around lounging beside… a pool. Think about it: you could be spending the equivalent amount of money for one holiday on one permanent pool and have endless holidays in your back garden. Your kids have just offered you the best summer holiday solution ever!

Plus, you can have fun with the family. That’s always nice, when they’re not terrorising you, right? Everybody’s a winner. The kids get what they want, and you get what you always wanted. No more nagging, no more crazily-expensive holidays, and, perhaps, a little relaxation of your own, because…

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You’re allowed to use the pool too.

You might have this murky, apocalyptic vision of a world after you’ve bought your pool. You’ll never spend any disposable income ever again, and you’ll also never have any peace ever again, given that your kids will now be splashing around loudly in a pool all day every day, before most likely running around the house, dripping wet, and leaving you to mop up the mess forever more. However, and I say this with only the kindest and well-placed intentions, but you need to pull yourself together. I’m here to tell you that it isn’t the end of the world.

Guess what? Your kids won’t be the only ones with a pool. You will too. You’ll finally have the chance to take a little time to yourself. The kids aren’t going to be using the pool all the time. If you’re at work during the day, and they use it as soon as they get in from school, just wait until the little rascals have gone to bed. That’s the beauty of being a parent and enforcing bedtimes. In fact, your kids will be ready for bed sooner after playing in a pool all day.