It’s time to watch every Star Wars trailer in a row, to prepare for Rogue One awesomeness

I’m surprised I haven’t posted about Star Wars more often, considering it’s been part of my like for about as long as I’ve been been walking and talking. Saw the original in the theater when I was a wee lad, had the comics, had the toys, listened to the audio version on vinyl records with my little kid’s turntable. The whole damn Star Wars experience. Later, I read the books, played the games, and had the bitter Internet debates.

Maybe that last part is why. Is there anything left to be said about Star Wars other than “it’s awesome” or “George Lucas ruined my childhood and destroyed everything I hold dear, so I will hold a grudge against him until my final days, praying for revenge during my every waking moment”?

Probably not.

Let’s face it, Star Wars has been done to death – and as much as I love it, it’s not as if there’s that much to be said about it.

But that didn’t stop Tig and I from firing up a bunch of vintage Star Wars trailers and watching them, with our commentary, as a way of getting ourselves pumped up for the upcoming Rogue One. We had fun doing it. Hopefully you’ll have fun watching along with us: