It’s Super Plugtastic Link Day!

Some semi-random link stuff for Monday.

Joe Valdez over at This Distracted Globe quoted me in his write-up of Hitchcock’s The Lady Vanishes. Thanks, Joe. The quote comes from my review of the Criterion Collection DVD release, which you can read here. Purchase the (awesome) DVD here.

Over on the Bibliophile Stalker blog, there is a review/overview of the issue of Weird Tales in which my “commendable piece,” Whispers of the Old Hag, appeared. Thanks, Charles. The issue also has a listing at Locus Online.

Speaking of listings, has listed A Year of Hitchcock with upcoming books on the History of Motion Pictures. Looks like we’re in some fine company.

While we’re on A Year of Hitchcock, I found a good source for tracking down good deals on the book. The book’s listing at includes links to a number of vendors, as well as price comparisons. Very handy tool!

Someone at decided to completely lift a quickly dashed-off book review posted to Amazon I did. Errr, thanks? He did credit me, at least, but I think I may have preferred otherwise. Amazon reviews are rubbish not to be taken seriously, no different than the stuff you’d post to a message board or Facebook for fun. Doing them keeps me in the Vine program, and hence getting free books, otherwise, please pay no attention to them …

For you comic book fans, I contributed to the Marvel Essentials FAQ. It was so long ago I have very little recollection of what I did, but look! It’s my name!


(I’m sure I did nothing more than provide a tiny tidbit of nerd information.)

I’ve done very little writing on music (something I plan to fix soon), but stumbled across an old concert review I wrote 11 years ago. It’s quite terrible. I mean really, really terrible. I like to think I’ve improved since then. But hey, maybe you want to see how awful I was 11 years ago.