Is there still an interest in Hurricane Sandy survival stories?

The title question is a legitimate question, and one I want an answer to for legit, tangible reasons. It’s not just because I have a personal experience with the storm, though as this video taken from my bedroom window will tell you, I do:

It is not because I lived it — LOADS of people did, and a great many had far, far worse experiences than I did — but because I devoted a lot of time to talking to people and writing about their experiences, and I’d like to see that material see the light of day. Years ago, I wrote a feature for the Philly Weekly about my Sandy experience that ended up winning second place in the 2014 Keystone Press Awards. Cool(ish). (Second place sucks.) It was a good piece. I’m proud of it.

It only scratched the surface, though. There was a lot more beyond that. That one article represents about 1/10 of the interviews and material I gathered.  I got some stories that are, to me, amazing.

Selfishly, I feel like this material should be seen.

Some of these stories are powerful. They are inspiring. They are interesting. They are even fun.

I feel like they should see the light of day. If I put them out there as a 99-cent eBook, would you or someone you know be interested? Would you or someone you know want to read it? Would you or someone you know actually BUY it?

I’d like serious answers, because putting all that material together will be serious work, and unfortunately, life as a freelance writer means choosing your time wisely. I’ve got to be careful about managing my time.

But I’m proud of this material. It’s personal, yes, but I feel like it’s worthwhile work, provided people actually want to SEE it. Plus, it tells the stories of a dozen or so people in, I hope, interesting ways. So tell me! Should I get to work?


  1. Lorie

    Yes. I’d read them, and I’d pay more than a dollar to do so. I thought your work for Philly Weekly was terrific and I do think there’s an appetite out there for survival stories.

    1. Eric San Juan

      Thank you, Lorie. It’s an idea I’ve been chewing on for a while. Juggling so much lately that it’s been difficult to carve out the time for it, but I also don’t want this stuff to languish in the archives if I can help it.

  2. Jim McDevitt

    You know the answer to this question is in the affirmative, Eric.

  3. Jim McDevitt

    You know the answer to this question is in the affirmative, Eric.

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