Is A Low Maintenance Garden Possible?

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Not everyone has the time and patience for gardening. But that shouldn’t mean you abandon your outdoor space and let it become an overgrown mess. Low maintenance landscaping is possible by carefully redesigning your garden space. Here are just a few tips and tricks to achieve a low maintenance garden.  

Choose the right plants

Certain plants require more care and attention. Consider hardy plants that don’t need to be regularly pruned or trimmed back. Good examples of these plants include perennials like geraniums and shrubs like azalea and heather. Avoid fast-growing plants like buddleja, as you’ll constantly be trimming these.

Improve weed control by giving plants space

Growing plants apart can prevent the spread of weeds. Laying down a mulch such as bark or gravel between plants will also help stunt weed growth. Having this space between plants can also have the dual benefit of preventing the spread of pests like slugs. Gaps between plants mean that slugs have to cross open patches of ground to get from one plant to another, making it easier for birds to pick them off.

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Consider an artificial lawn

Lawn maintenance can be the bane of many garden owners. On top of mowing the lawn, there are extra duties such as sprinkling the lawn and de-weeding. These can all be eliminated by opting for artificial grass instead. Yes, it’s the lazy option and gardening snobs will let you know their distaste for it, but if you’re simply looking for a low-maintenance option, artificial turf is the best option.

Choose weatherproof woods

When it comes to fence panels, decking, garden furniture and shed materials, it can be worth investing in good quality wood that’s more likely to withstand the weather. The likes of composite decking are actually quite cheap, whilst requiring little maintenance. Another option could be buy a long-lasting sealant that will keep cheap wooden furniture protected from the rain longer. You could even consider metal for some garden items such as sheds and tables – if it’s galvanised it will be rust-proof and could last longer than wooden alternatives.

Don’t keep fish in your pond

If you’ve got a pond, think carefully before buying fish. Whilst fish are low-maintenance pets, there’s still a lot of consideration that need to be made when introducing them to a pond. A pond filter will need to be added to the pond and you will need to ensure that the pond is regularly de-weeded and that it doesn’t freeze over in winter. Fish don’t require feeding when it’s cold and can live off pond flora, but will require regular feeding in the summer. If you’re prepared to keep on top of this, get fish. Otherwise you may be best off keep your pond fish-free. If you’re lucky you may get natural animals inhabiting it such as frogs and newts.


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