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Thanks to the (quite right) political correctness of our era, a difficult side effect has occurred. We, as a people, are getting almost too polite in our ways. In order to maximise our social cohesion and simply enjoy a life well lived, we’re often overly accepting of other people. This can sometimes blind us to the real way of the world. Sometimes, people don’t have your best interests at heart. Not everyone wants to be your friend. People might also view you as competition or an obstacle on their path to success.

This sounds like a depressing mentality to keep, but it really isn’t. It doesn’t ignore the fact that the vast majority of people are good, hard working and decent people. There are more people you can forge great friendships with than people you can’t. However, considering everyone on this level will only leave you open to difficulty, and available to be taken advantage of.

In the book ‘No More Mr Nice Guy’ by Robert A. Glover, he details exactly how this nice guy persona can ruin your relationships and pursuit of your goals. Here are some golden tidbits of advice for you to chew on, inspired by, but not lifted from the book.

Women Never Desire A ‘Nice Guy’

This isn’t to say that women aren’t interested in a friendly, wholesome, communicative gentleman. They absolutely are. But, you must back that up with some form of strength. You can’t be a wet blanket in all social situations and expect someone to respect you, least of all a romantic partner. Stick up for your yourself if you’re being meddled with. You honor both people in the relationship if you do this. If she’s to bring the best of herself to the relationship, you must do the same.

The ‘nice guy’ persona also falls victim to assuming that a partner should love them simply because you are ‘a good guy.’ Often these people complain, are petty, and use emotional arguments to win her affections. A real good guy is temperate, respectful, but also has a place for their own goals in the relationship. They honor themselves in order to keep the relationship fresh. If you do this, you’ll find your relationships take on a new courage, honesty and beauty.

When People Do You Wrong

If someone interrupts your personal business, tries to take advantage of you, or impedes your progress in an exaggerated way, you have every right to defend yourself. Sharpen your social intelligence and candour to stay well on the way to achieving your goals. For example, if someone crashes into your car thanks to them driving dangerously, but apologizes profusely and begs you not to take further action, you shouldn’t feel any less inclined to pursue legal action through a service such as You are within your rights to exercise your right to compensation, particularly if the accident wasn’t your fault. People will often try to use manipulative tricks to get things over on you, particularly in competitive environments or where money is a factor. Overcoming this means you are able to read situations for what they are and act on that information, as opposed to having someone else define it for you.

If you pursue these two tidbits of advice, you’ll find that your self-respect will grow. Real good can only be done if you have the self-respect to back it up. People often attribute confidence and surety with ‘jerk’ behaviour, but really it’s all about how you wield it. To intelligently move forward, you must put the power behind your good intentions.

Before long, you’ll find that your life is filled with a sense of integrity and ability. For most worthwhile people, that’s often enough.


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