I need good business cards, cheap, and without murder

Business cards are still a thing for some damn reason. I’ve had them over the years in my capacity as an editor, journalist, social media dude & advertising agency guy, and so on, but I do not have them as a freelancer. Just never really needed them, since most of my business comes by referral.

I feel like I’ve got to remedy that, though, and they’ve got to look professional.

And design, maybe. I probably need a good, basic, but attractive design.

So your recommendations are not only welcome, I’m asking for them!

There are a million and a half cheap-o printing services out there who do business cards. I worked with several during my time as co-founder of a little advertising agency, though it was actually my partner who did all the heavy lifting when it came to orders and all that jazz, so I’ve no loyalty to anyone in particular. I only need a small print run, anyway.

Who have you people used? Who do you recommend?

Almost all my business comes through word of mouth and recommendations, which is wonderful, but a man’s got to be prepared to dish out the ol’ business card when necessary.

If you used a service and are happy with the results — design, printing and price — let me know however you can. Facebook, Twitter, email, my contact form. Whatever works. Thanks!


  1. Keith HowellKeith Howell

    This is where I got my best cards printed: https://www.moo.com/us/

  2. Lorie Hoover StrongLorie Hoover Strong

    I second MOO. I’ve used them twice and was very happy both times.

  3. John KhusJohn Khus

    Make them interactive….

  4. Chris KnightChris Knight

    I’ve used Vistaprint since 2000-ish. No issues, and I can’t imagine anyone sells cards for less.

  5. Ali McGann GradzkiAli McGann Gradzki

    Talk to Garrett!

  6. Bryan QuackenbushBryan Quackenbush

    Zoo Printing….cheap as they get…

  7. Rick LundeenRick Lundeen

    My daughter went with MOO as well. Nice product.

  8. Michelle Pope RizzoMichelle Pope Rizzo

    Phil uses vistaprint..pretty inexpensive and decent

  9. Amy HoltAmy Holt

    All my sources involve murder. :-/

  10. Eric San JuanEric San Juan

    Thanks for the good suggestions, all. I’ll probably get an order placed this week. Long overdue.

  11. John MiętusJohn Miętus

    My company uses this place. The cards are really nice: https://www.overnightprints.com/

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