I could talk music with friends for hours. In this case, it’s U2

A year or so ago, Tig over at Nerd Out With Me and I brought Bootsy Spankins P.I. into the attic to talk music. The idea was to do a monthly show where we’d reach into the bins holding my CDs, pull something out at random, and take it from there. We recorded a few segments but ended up dropping the idea. Too much hassle dancing around copyright issues on Youtube in order to use the music. They never saw the light of day.

I really liked the idea. I could sit down and yammer about music with someone for hours (especially if there’s beer). I’ve been doing it most of my life! Thankfully, the ’90s podcast I now do with Tig lets me do some of that music discussion I wanted to do, though I do miss the idea of doing these “Music Night With Bootsy” shows we planned on doing.

All that is a lengthy way to introduce this video, which is one of those lost segments. It’s completely devoted to U2, who are a longtime favorite. If you like the band, or enjoy my beautiful head, take a look: