How to Write a Good Argumentative Essay

Colleges and universities have many faculties and studying programs, but they have a similar task for multiple subjects: the argumentative essay. This type of paper is crucial for students to implement analytical and persuasive skills. Preparing an excellent argumentative essay requires a clear understanding of the basic structure and bountiful knowledge on a particular subject. Furthermore, what else can be helpful in the writing process?

The essays students work on should be engaging for the audience. Thus, our article presents more tips on making an argumentative essay interesting for readers and for the author as well.

Select an argument

Before doing an academic investigation to examine a complex issue, students have to select a topic to transform into an argument. A good argument requires an arguable background that has the potential for several viewpoints. It is useful to read samples or buy an essay safe from reliable online services to see how other students formalize their arguments. This custom text will help you to create your argumentative essay and avoid common mistakes.

Keep the argument logical

A logical perspective shows readers how to think. When an argument is logical, it offers basic rules for coming to sound conclusions in essays and corrects faulty thinking. By checking the rightness of the argument’s logic from the beginning of the writing process, you avoid embarrassment in front of the reader. Present a clear explanation of your thoughts concerning the topic and adopt a way of thinking in the essay.

Follow the structure

Every essay has its structure and usually consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and closing. Also, it is crucial to have an excellent title for your argumentative essay. The main feature of the title is that it should state the writer’s point of view. In the introduction, the writer rephrases the title as a question and compares opposite opinions. This is helpful when you are writing your thesis statement.

In the first paragraph of the body, the author can provide details about opposing points of view. Don’t forget to start each section with topic sentences, as this will help maintain consistency in the essay. You can strongly agree or disagree with opposing arguments, and in the next paragraphs, you need to explain their reasons. Moreover, you must add details that support your opinion in the following body paragraphs. And then, in the conclusion, suggest what should be the right decision concerning the topic.

Conduct thorough research

Every detail of evidence in the body needs to be based on reliable sources. For this purpose, you need to look for books from a list of recommended literature and also for extra references such as articles and videos. If your essay has enough citations from trusted books, it is easier to impress the reader and persuade even those who have different positions concerning your argument.

Check and make corrections

Scan your text, starting with the title, and ending with the conclusion. Track your immediate opinion regarding the material and take note of the paper’s primary claim and counterclaim. If you don’t have anyone to proofread your text, read it yourself several times, and make margin notes on which parts need improvements.

You can identify keywords and phrases concerning the overall idea of the essay. If the author or someone else can improve the text and eliminate grammatical, punctuation, and spelling mistakes, the piece will look much better, so don’t hesitate on it. Also, avoid plagiarizing content by including properly formatted citations. The most popular formatting styles are MLA, Chicago/Turabian, APA, and Harvard.

Complete the writing process

After improving your essay, make sure you consider your audience. The reader wants not to be informed but to be persuaded by your text, so ask yourself what will influence the reader’s opinion most. If you are trying to convince an expert as opposed to someone with only casual knowledge on your topic, the types of statements, and even the terms you use, will vary. Use a strategic approach to obtain the desired result in your essay.

Think seriously about using humor, the didactic method, or allegory to get your point across in your argumentative essay. You need to think about the right words, phrases, and definitions to express yourself clearly to your audience.

To wrap up

Writing is a delightful experience, especially when your text is successful in acting through the audience. With an argumentative essay, the author shares their ideas, thoughts, and philosophies. As part of scholarly research, an argumentative essay can be helpful for students and teachers of a particular field of study.

By working on this type of paper and writing details of evidence, students create opportunities for healthy debate. With the help of an argumentative essay, the author touches readers’ hearts and minds. Therefore, both will defend their positions in the friendly art of discussion. After all, who doesn’t enjoy arguing passionately for what they believe in?