How to Get a Healthy Green Lawn This Summer

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Your lawn is probably the biggest area of green in your whole garden. This is the best place for playing soccer, hosting garden parties and reclining on a deck chair in the sunshine. Unfortunately, your grass might not take too kindly to all these activities and a little extra TLC is required.

Luckily, there are a few very simple things you can do to ensure that your grass stays green and lush all summer through.

Water Regularly

Water is one of the most important things you can do for your garden through the hotter months but your lawn has a few specific requirements.

Try to water your lawn early in the morning. This allows the water to sink into the soil before the sun evaporates it away but also means that the water won’t sit on top of the soil overnight, tempting mould and other diseases to come and play.

You should use a rose on your watering can or hosepipe to get good coverage and ensure that you water the whole area. A good cheat to install lawn sprinklers and time them for the early morning. Spread them evenly around the garden to ensure that the entire lawn is watered.

Use Nitrogen-Rich Fertilizer

Nitrogen is the most important building material for grass and when there is plenty of nitrogen in the soil, you grass grows stronger, greener and healthier. You can use store-bought fertilizers in early spring and late summer, but there is also a free method too.

Just as you can use fallen leaves to make leaf mold to spread around your garden, you can use grass clippings to restore nitrogen to the soil. All you need to do is leave your regular clippings on the grass and mow over them again to cut them finely. Simple and effective.

Don’t Cut Too Short

You should only ever trim 20-30% of the length of your grass at one time. This means that at the start of the season, it may take some time to reach the length desired in the summer months. Cutting too much off at once will stress the grass and is likely to either turn it yellow or kill it completely.

Ideally, you should only mow once a week in the summer months. This will give your grass ample time to recover between mowings and give you the length you want.

Aerating Your Lawn

Another thing you should do is aerate your lawn. This should be done at the beginning and the end of the season but is particularly vital at the end of the summer. To aerate your lawn, all you need to do is use a garden fork to puncture small holes around the lawn. If the soil is particularly compacted after lots of use, you might also like to lift the soil a bit to loosen it.

With these simple tricks, your lawn with be green and healthy in no time. All you need to do is keep an eye on it and then let it recover in the autumn.

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