How To Be More Environmentally Friendly At Home

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Can you honestly say that you’re doing everything in your power to be courteous to our environment? The answer to that question for many of us around the world is no, and that’s a real shame. Our beautiful planet is suffering because of the way we’ve treated it for all of these years, yet so many of us fail to give back! If you’re looking to become more green and give back to planet earth, check out these tips on how to become more environmentally friendly at home!

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Install solar panels

Solar panels are a fantastic way of absorbing the sun’s energy and converting it into usable energy in the home. The one downfall of solar panels is that they can be rather costly to install. However, consumers have commented that within a year their solar panels have paid for themselves. Not only that, but they had noticed a dramatic change in the amount they are having to pay towards their electricity bills. Definitely worth the investment to save both money and the environment!

Plant a vegetable patch

You’ve probably heard of organic produce before, but do you know what the difference is? Non organic produce is sprayed with insecticides and pesticides, which not only contaminate our food, but also release harmful gases that have been damaging our ozone layer. Growing your own vegetables ensures that you’re not buying from the companies who are contaminating the land!

Dispose of contaminated soil

Speaking of contaminated land, do you have any in or on your property? Many people are blissfully unaware that their soil might indeed be contaminated. Not only is this going to be bad for growing your own produce, but it’s not helping mother nature either! Eastern Plant hire can remove contaminated soil and dispose of it safely, rather than just taking it to landfill.

Install water butts

With all of this fresh produce you’re growing, you’ll be using a lot of water to help them grow. Rather than running your hose pipe every day, consider installing water butts to collect rainwater. You can then reuse this water to feed your produce without harming the environment and saving money at the same time!

Start your own compost heap

Finally, starting your own compost heap is another fantastic way of not having to rely on any services which might be harming the environment. It also creates nutritious soil to grow your produce in, so not only are you being super environmentally friendly, saving yourself money, growing delicious produce, but you’re also becoming more and more self sufficient!

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