How Overuse Of Health Treatments Could Cause More Damage To Patients

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Looking after your health is always tough and there’s so much conflicting information out there about what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Prevention is the best way to look after your health which is why you should take these health precautions on a regular basis. But sometimes, people go too far and end up getting health checks that they don’t really need. You wouldn’t think that it could do any harm but in some cases, it actually can. These are the health checks that you should think twice about.


Back X-Rays

Sometimes, you do need an X-ray on your back if there is a serious problem, but a lot of people jump the gun and get them too often. Everybody gets back pain from time to time, especially if you work at a desk all day. It’s usually because you’ve got knots in your back and if you stretch them out or maybe get a massage, that pain will go away. X-rays are expensive and it’s not good to expose yourself to that radiation too often so you want to avoid having them done as much as possible. Just give it a week or two and see whether the pain goes away. If it’s getting worse and it lasts more than a month or so, then you should think about seeing the doctor.

Paternity Tests During Pregnancy

If there is any question about the parentage of a baby, it’s a difficult situation and you need a paternity test to clear things up. But it’s never a good idea to have that test done before the baby is born. There are certain risks involved with having the test done before the baby is born and in rare cases, it could cause miscarriage. It’s better to wait until the baby is born and get a paternity done with a chip assay kit instead. There are no risks to the child or the parent if you do it this way instead so it’s always better to wait. If waiting can help the mother and baby, it should be the first thing that is considered when questioning paternity, a DNA paternity test can help ease the mind of all those involved and bring answers where there was not any before.

Antibiotics For Ear Infections

Antibiotic resistance is a massive problem at the minute because they’ve been overprescribed in the past. That oversaturation means that a lot of viruses are mutating and becoming immune to antibiotics which is bad news. If antibiotics become resistant, we’ll begin to run out of treatments for some of the most basic health issues. The medical profession is aware of the issue now and practice is changing, but you may still be offered antibiotics when you don’t really need them. Ear infections are a prime example of this. They’re painful and they’re common in children, so a lot of parents want something that will ease the pain quickly. But most ear infections will pass in a couple of days on their own without the need for antibiotics. However, if people are always taking antibiotics for those minor infections, they will be a lot less effective against the more serious ones that do need treatment.

As a general rule, you should avoid these medical treatments and if you’re offered them, ask for the reasoning behind that before you agree to anything.