Hitchcock podcast in the final stretch

alfredhitchcockWell, we’re almost there.

Way back in April 2009, Jim McDevitt and I started podcasting about Alfred Hitchcock. This should come as no surprise. We’re the coauthors of an awesome book, A Year of Hitchcock, which is, like, pretty good and stuff. The book was a serious but accessible look at the full body of work of legendary director Alfred Hitchcock. I like it. I hope you get it and like it, too. (Honestly, at this point I assume you all follow us on Facebook, anyway.)

To accompany the book, we decided to do a series of light-hearted, casual podcasts that followed the book chapter-for-chapter, and sometimes veered off into interview shows, topical shows, and so on. To be honest, we started off kind of stiff and awkward. We weren’t very good. But as we hit our stride I think we did okay. We had a chance to interview great directors like Norman Buckley, chat with fantastic Hitchcock geeks, discuss other great directors, and sometimes got drunk along the way.

It’s been a fun ride. A ride soon to end. Starting next week(ish), our final stretch of shows begins. We have five movies to cover, plus a wrap-up show. I can’t lie and say I’m sorry to see this project go. It has been a lot of work, and if you read this blog you know I kind of keep my plate a bit full. Couple that with a miserable existence in the world of journalism and yeah, I don’t need more projects.

But I loved doing this. It was great fun. Hell, I’m almost as proud of it as I am of the book. I especially urge you to listen to the last five or six shows, not because you love the movies — you don’t; this is not a good period for Hitchcock — but because Jim and I have a ton of fun. We know it’s the end and we revel in it. We think you’ll enjoy it.

If you’ve been listening these last two years, THANK YOU. If you’ve been reading, too, THANK YOU EVEN MORE. And if not … now is a good time to start! 😉