Here is the self-indulgent writer’s life post (yay!)

I started this blog however many years ago* for admittedly cynical reasons. I wanted to be more established as a Writer rather than a writer, and by all accounts having a blog through which you connect with people was an absolutely integral part of the equation. Supposedly, blogging is just what writers do.

Since that time, I’ve had some books published, five of them by traditional publishers and three via my own sweat and blood.

I s’pose that’s not bad.

Can’t say this blog has had much to do with any of that or that it has helped in any way, though. I fully acknowledge that I haven’t handled it well or the way you’re supposed to or whatever, but that’s neither here nor there. No need to second guess. The blog has just been a distraction, and that’s okay.

Still, I feel like there is value here. There will be MORE value when I finally move it to my personal website (which needs a redesign), but for the moment, yeah. There is something to be had here. Maybe. Possibly.

So I’ve got something in mind. Two things, actually.

First is just to have more content. I used to do this a lot more often than I do now, 124 posts in 2009 (!) compared to just 6 in 2014. So yeah. More, then.

Second, and more importantly, I figure it’s time to really talk writing. The business, the career, the life. What it really means to make this Who You Are and to do crazy shit like trying to pay your bills (gulp!) this way.

See, in late 2014, I finally abandoned full-time work for good in order to devote myself fully to the life of a writer. After more than a dozen years in the news business and then a few more in marketing, I decided it was time to be a Writer writer, with all the good and bad and body odor that comes of it.

For the moment it’s just an experiment. A year-long plunge into cold water. We’ll see how it goes.

But I figure I’m doing something a lot of other writers dream of doing, so why not chronicle the pains, problems, joys, and jubilation of this whole crazy scheme? It will not only be cathartic for me, maybe I can also help out some of my fellow dreamers, or at the very least help them see what they’re getting into.

So that’s the plan. That’s the new mission of this blog, or at least partially (I’ll still post nonsense now and then). Hope you enjoy.

Now back to the exciting task of organizing thousands of computer files …

*In November of 2005! Holy shit!!