Healthier Ways To Enjoy Fast Food

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If you fancy trying to be a little healthier this spring, there are many big changes you can make to your diet and lifestyle in order to be a fit and healthy person all around. However, sometimes the road to a new lifestyle can be more difficult to tread than we thought, and switching our diet from fatty and salty to protein rich and slim over night is impossible. Most of us rely on fast food products throughout the working week and at the weekend when we don’t want to cook; but as we know, fast food isn’t healthy. Obviously, one of the best ways to make a healthier lunch choice during the working week would be to switch to a more local and more natural food shop near you; how about looking into your local sandwich shop? All you’d need to do is search for a ‘sandwich shop near me open now‘ for somewhere that will undoubtedly use fresher and healthier ingredients than the ones used at the big fast-food chains. However, if you can’t give up the big fast-food chains, but you want to make a small change to your diet and step in the right direction this month, here are some of the healthier options you can pick at major fast-food restaurants.


If you love this fast food chain then you are in luck, because as far as creating healthy meals goes- this is pretty simple to do. At chipotle you are in control and you are able to create your own meal with ingredients that you enjoy. The best option you can pick is a burrito bowl with steak, vegetables, greens and salsa. It will only cost you a small amount of calories, but the protein level is high due to the steak. If you fancy adding rice to the dish, stick with brown because it is easier for our body to digest.

Burger King

We are all well aware that burgers aren’t the most healthy good out there, but luckily for us, fast food chains do offer alternative to this classic hot sandwich. Burger king offers us a grilled chicken sandwich in place of the minced beef which is much more healthy, lower in fat and less processed. It is the ideal option if you want to grab a quick bite to eat but not fall for the double cheese burger you normally pick out. If you want to go the extra mile, order it without the mayo for a healthy chicken sandwich.


McDonald’s is always trying to prove that they are making a conscious effort to be healthier. Just this year they announced the plan to make the signature happy meal healthier, and of course make sure that the mcdonalds happy meal toys value stays as good as it can be for the kids. If you want to grab a bite to eat from this restaurant and fancy a burger, you can buy the classic hamburger which is much healthier than a cheeseburger. The hamburger comes without cheese which is what makes this option much better for you if you are on a diet.


Everyone knows subway as the easiest place to grab a personalised sandwich during your lunch break. You can choose you bread, meat, sauces, vegetables and more to create your ideal sandwich- and this is where temptation will often get the better of us. Instead of opting for your usual meatball sub, you are much better off going for something on 9 grain wheat bread with salad: like teriyaki chicken.


Nando’s is the home of chicken, amazing spicy marinades and lots of peri peri salt. A usual trip to Nando’s will likely consist of you ordering a wrap, corn on the cob, macho peas and peri salted chips for your main. It is easy to get carried away in this restaurant and we don’t blame you for going for the double chicken rather than the single. However if you are on a diet and still want that great Nando’s flavour: you can order the quinoa salad which is full of greens, quinoa and feta. You can then add a chicken breast with your favourite flavouring, and half an avocado for some healthy fats. It is a dish which will satisfy your cravings and full your stomach.

Chick Fil A

If you want a fast food option which is healthier than the rest, this will likely be the first place you run to for your lunch. The beauty of this takeaway is that you can actually get away with eating chicken nuggets and not feeling too guilty about it all. If you order 8 chicken nuggets, you can add a side salad which contains lots of great items and will be low in saturated fat overall.


This restaurant is a classic option for Americans and remains a favourite with family’s to this day. If you can’t resist the pull of Wendy’s but don’t want to splurge on a fatty meal, you can combine 2 meals together to create a nutritious and healthy dinner for yourself. Soups are always a great option when you are on a diet because as they hit your stomach they take up a lot of room and make you feel full quicker than solid food. When it comes to making this into a complete meal, add a salad into the mix and get some protein and fibre into your stomach alongside your soup. It is overall a great meal which will keep you full and give you all the essential nutrients you need for the day.

Taco Bell

Although maybe not seen as the healthiest option on this list: Taco Bell has the a danger of high levels of customisation for its customers. This means that you can pick and choose the type of tortilla you want, what meat, if you have cheese, salad, toppings and sauces. The best option you can choose here is a soft tortilla, steak and lots of veggies. You can add some guacamole for a healthy source of fat, but avoid adding any cheese.


The first thing you think about when KFC comes to mind is deep fat frying. And although most of this chain’s meals consist of fried chicken: they do have grilled chicken options for you as well. The grilled chicken sandwich is your best option when visiting KFC because it is high in protein, relatively low on fat and also has lots of greens to satisfy your stomach.