Go see this guy’s art

In addition to being a zany, funny guy with a great sense of humor, Ian Sokoliwski is also a very good artist and colorist. Go see his blog. Dude has a great sense for the page. Having watched him draw for three years now, it’s amazing to see the great strides his artwork has taken. He gets better every day. Check ‘im out. While you’re at it, check out my interview with Ian. You’ll learn something about how comics are made, guaranteed.


  1. Ian Sokoliwski




    And thanks for the props, dude. I still love how that interview turned out!

  2. admin

    Your pesky Canadian spelling won’t find its way into my red, white and blue blog!


    Yeah, I enjoyed that interview, too. Went back to read it again not too long ago and was still very happy with the results.

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