The Geeks: Zaki Hasan

Yesterday you met Genevieve Valentine, one of the four folks I’ll be working alongside* on Geek Wisdom: The Sacred Teachings of Nerd Culture. Today it’s someone I knew (in the Internet sense of the term) prior to this project, unabashed geek and sometimes political commentator Zaki Hasan.

Zaki knows his geek stuff. He teaches film, but if you ask me his real passion is in the nerdier (and thus cooler) end of the film spectrum. His commentary on geek films and pop culture is always engaging, and few people dissect a good comic book yarn like Zaki. I’ve enjoyed his online commentary for some time now and am very happy to be working with him.

The Book of Geek is out next August and is available for pre-order.

*Actually, worked alongside. We’ve already finished the book. The Geek Wisdom manuscript is long since turned in. Hooray for us.