Geek Central: The Ultimate Guide To Surviving Comic Con

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A large and popular pilgrimage for geeks and nerds alike, Comic-Con is one festival that is well worth attending. However, fun as it is, I have heard you need to be in the know to have the best experience. Something that the info below can help with. So read on to find out how to survive Comic-Con in style this year.


Do learn to queue

Whether you are attending Comic-Con for the Q&A sessions, the panels, the stalls, or even just the atmosphere, you will have to queue. I’m not just talking about waiting for a few minutes in line either, like most of your day will be in a queue, admittedly with some pretty exciting intervals when you get to meet your heroes thrown in.

With this in mind, wear comfy shoes as you’ll be on your feet all day. Take something to keep you entertained, a mobile game’s system like the Switch, a portable charger for your smartphone, or audio or real life book can work well. Especially, if you are going to end up in queues that are different for you friends.

Of course, you’ll get the chance to speak to other members of your fandom too. Something that isn’t to be passed up, it just helps to have something to do if things get a little quiet.

Don’t stare

Yes, there will be people in costume. Some of the costumes will be awful, some will be t-shirts, and some folks will look like they have leapt off the pages of a comic book!

Feel free to give these bold folks a thumbs up or a nod of appreciation. Some will even encourage you to take a picture with them. That’s cool too. Just don’t stand across the room and point and stare from afar, as it can look a little creepy.

Do take money

Comic-con is not a cheap affair. In fact, despite paying for your tickets, you have to pay for most things once you get through the doors. That means meets and greets, panels, and especially food and merch. The latter two being particularly expensive!

So, don’t forget to take your wallet and cash card just in case there is that Klingon replica Bat’leth that you can’t possibly pass up.

Don’t get disappointed

Many folks travel a long way and look forward for a long time to the meetings of geek that is Comic-Con. That is what it is vital that you get your tickets from a place like TicketOffices that guarantee the validity of them. Otherwise, you can fall prey to touts or scalpers that sell fake tickets, and face the crushing disappointment of losing your money before you have even walked through the doors.

Do embrace the atmosphere

Last, of all, don’t forget Comic-Con is fun. After all, it’s a place full of folks like you that love the same or similar things. Take the time to talk to people, make new friends, and embrace the shared geekiness that brings everyone together at these sort of events.