Four Lies You Tell Yourself About Your Garden, And Why You’re Wrong

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Gardeners are strange beasts. They are outside in all weathers pottering about, planting or weeding. Mowing or pruning. But for all of their dedication, the can sometimes cloud the truth a little when it come to their own garden. Read on to find out more.

I had to start from nothing

A lot of gardeners lie to themselves by reasoning that it’s OK that their garden doesn’t look that good because there wasn’t much to work with when they moved in.

But the truth of the matter is that there are so many amazing garden supplies and products, even if you are starting with a bare square of earth, you can actually get some fantastic results.

You can even buy soil, rocks, and other very basic item to bring your outside areas up to scratch if you need to. As well as more elaborate things like fountains, trellis work, and pergolas.

You don’t even have to buy them all at the same time but can easily work the in gradually, so it doesn’t cost too much.

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Decking and patios are easier than grass

Another lie that a lot of gardeners tell themselves is that they would have an easier life if they got rid of their lawn, and put some decking or a patio down instead. But is this really the truth?

OK, so grass does have to be weeded, mown, tended and the like regularly and generally taken care of. But the other options are not maintenance free either.

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Patios last a long time but can crack, and getting weeds out from in between the cracks can be really problematic and very hard work. Some folks even buy a special metal brush to make this a little easier.

Decking looks lovely but needs sanding oiling and painting regularly unless you have composite timber decking. Which is more resistant to the elements.

Those weeds are gone for good

Another classic lie that gardeners tell themselves is that they can get rid of weeds once and for all. If only this were true! But as part of the natural world, there are so many variables in your garden, that you are just not in control of. Such as the birds spreading more seeds. That means weeding is more of a continuous job that one that you can get over and done with.

Of course you can make it easier on yourself by doing things such as getting a telescopic weeder which means you don’t have to bend over so much when weeding. Or even using weed killer, of which there a so many varieties from pellets to gels on the market. So you are bound to find one that is suitable for your purpose.

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The rain give my plants enough water

Lastly, a lie most gardens are guilty of is trusting the weather to water their plants. Of course, it great when its rain and your plants get a nice drink. But you can’t rely on that, especially if you want your plant to be the best that they can be.