Forget Paperbacks: Why Writing Is Going Digital

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We keep hearing the phrase “digital economy” but what does it mean for writers? Quite a lot, actually. It turns out that we writers are in for a bit of a boom. Far from being replaced, writing has gone from strength to strength as computers have taken over the world, and for reasons that nobody in the writing field ever really expected.


The cool thing for writers is that a lot of opportunities in the digital world actually provide better pay and prospects than writing careers that existed before the internet changed everything. Here are some writing gigs you can actually turn into a full-time career.

Become An Affiliate Blogger

Affiliate vlogging has been around for a while. Popular channels on sites like YouTube produce content that attracts visitors. The affiliate vlogger then uses their platform as a way to funnel customers through to a business with which they are associated, earning commission in the process.

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The same thing is now happening in the world of blogging. Popular bloggers are using their success as a way to earn extra money on the side by including affiliate links in their content. Their partners then reimburse them, based on the amount of traffic they generate for their company. In essence, it’s a form of advertising, but not one that gets in the way of pursuing a career you love.

Start Proofreading


Because the amount of information that the world is producing is growing at an exponential rate, so too is demand for people who can process it all. If you’ve ever wanted a career as a stenographer, transcriber or proofreader, there has never been a better time. These jobs might not be the most glamorous writing jobs, but they can still provide you with a decent income while you look for more lucrative opportunities elsewhere. Of course, to really excel in these fields, you’ll have to make sure that your skills are up to scratch. But if they are, you can rest assured that your income will be enough to meet your expenses while you write your novel or your screenplay.

Become An eBook Author

A few years ago, people marveled in awe at the prospect that one day we might read, not from paper, but from eBooks. At the time, these ideas were seen as far-fetched, but technology soon made it all possible. Now Barnes and Noble’s Nook and Amazon’s Kindle devices are top sellers and, for many, represent the future of publishing.

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The cool thing about digital publishing is that anybody with a good idea can do it. Instead of having to go through endless rounds of negotiations with your publisher and having them force you to make changes to your work, Amazon’s platform allows you to go direct to your audience.

Once you’ve got your eBook written, there are many other options too. You can send the ebook to retailers to gauge their interest, or you can offer it for sale on your website. Finally, you can promote it through social media, videos, and podcasts on SoundCloud.

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  1. Georgia

    It is funny how everything has gone digital over the last 10 years. Kindles and iPads, you see them everywhere. I still like to get a good old paperback book every once in a while. I like the feel. Much better than a screen in my opinion.

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