Five Times You Need a Lawyer on Your Side

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Ah, lawyers. The bane of modern living to some: we live in an age of litigation, where businesses can be sued because someone slipped over whilst shopping, or because they were injured whilst robbing a bank. However, there are some times where we just need a legal professional, and don’t mind the (massive) amounts of money we need to spend to have them on our side.

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Committed a crime

Let’s get the worst one out of the way. If the police charge you with a crime, do not say anything until you’ve called a lawyer; a criminal defence attorney to be specific. No matter whether you’re guilty or innocent, you need to have a legal professional supporting you from the get-go. Whether that’s to defend you in court, make sure that the interviews are conducted legally, or just to explain your rights, a lawyer will be invaluable. At best, you can prove your innocence, but at worst, they could help you escape more severe penalties.

Unlawful termination

If you’ve been fired for no reason, or for an illegal reason, such as pregnancy or temporary disability, then the first phone call that you make is to a lawyer. If you argue it, you can be sure that your former employer will have some legal muscle on their side, so you’d be at a disadvantage if you didn’t as well.

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Personal injury

If you’ve had an accident on the road then you want to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as you can. The other driver’s insurance company will want to be in touch with you, and could end up confusing or misleading you, so that they can clear everything up quickly. Furthermore, if your injuries are severe enough that you need to stop working, then suing for loss of earnings could be your only option.


Whether they are messy or amicable, ending a relationship also requires a legal counsel. In a messy divorce, it’s best for both sides to have legal representation, so that it’s easier for both parties to get what they want: if only one side has a lawyer, you can bet that the other side will come off with a very poor deal. In amicable divorces, it makes sense to have a lawyer throughout proceedings, as that prevents any future disputes or legal misunderstandings, hopefully keeping everything amicable for years to come.

Writing a will

Wills are something that, when done correctly, can save a lot of unnecessary stress and malice after your death. However, if your will turns out to be unclear, or not legally valid, then your family could end up arguing, falling out, or worse. If you value your family’s stability and goodwill, then you’ll get a lawyer to help you write your will!

Whilst lawyers may be reviled and overpaid, there are times where you need an expert, whether that’s to explain your rights to you, to negotiate for you, or to help you settle a situation outside of court. Use them wisely!