Erecting A Luxury Style Centerpiece In Your Garden

When you think of a luxury garden, you think of those unique mansions in traditional aristocratic country homes. The monarchs and their families around the world own some of the most expensive and large homes in their respective countries. Especially the famous English manor houses that are owned by Lords, Barons, and Countesses. There is flow, purpose and character in such gardens because they’re prized as a reflection of style, beauty, charm and of an intricate personality that the rich wish to convey. The gardens are traditionally very linear, yet very open to keeping up with the times regarding style. You too can have such a garden if you’re willing to put in the effort. You don’t need to be filthy rich, all you need are some simple guidelines, and you’ll be contacting your local landscaping consultant sooner than you think.

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Leading up to it

To create a white pathway up to the main attraction of your garden, you’ll need a pathway that fits into the style and creates anticipation. Dig up the grass and soil, to contour the path’s direction, width, curvature and depth. When digging the trench be sure to dig in a straight line downward at the sides as when you come to installing the edging, it won’t fit and leave your path crooked. Depending on how deep you want the pebbling is how deep you dig, upon which you must lay down at least 1 or 2 centimeters of crushed stone. Rake this layer and get it as flat and even as you can. Pound it down with a flat object such as a garden compactor. Next to stop the rain from dampening the soil underneath quickly and unsettling the underlayers. After you’ve installed the edging allow everything to set overnight. Then pour smooth, white pebbles on the set path and rake until even and well covered.

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The fountain

Manor houses have a centerpiece, which all which rotates around. There, of course, hedge sculptures that are seasonal, but the most common is the fountain sculpture. The picturesque display has traditionally been a baby boy styled as cupid or an angel, from which water spouts elegance into the basin. To be sure that your fountain can be set on the stable ground and circulate clean water which birds and other wildlife can drink from, perform water testing and monitoring by SESL. Such a test would reveal any contamination and would highlight various chemicals present in the water being pumped. Plan carefully how you will supply water to the fountain. You may find that laying down piping underneath the pathway is the best route without having to dig a separate channel to lay it. Most companies that sell fountains will also either have or direct you to services that have the proper construction expertise; which is important as most homeowners don’t decide to take on such a complex task on their own.


Here’s where a traditional gardener would get exciting. Around the fountain, you could have bright flowers or perhaps a couple of benches at opposite ends. However, you could also opt for a lighting decoration which also encircles the fountain, so it’s a pleasant place to walk or sit in the evening. Equally, you could have a gravel or pebble path, circling around the fountain, which is a great contrast.




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