Enhancing Your Enjoyment of Music

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We all love music. It’s fair to say that it’s somewhat of a universal language that can make us think and feel all kinds of emotions, even when there are no words present. Whether you listen to music casually or you would consider yourself something of an obsessive or audiophile, chances are there are several things you could do to enhance your enjoyment of music. Here are a few of them:

Upgrade Your Equipment

This one should be obvious. If you aren’t listening to your music using the best boombox, headphones or speakers you can afford, the sound may be distorted, or you might not be getting the full picture and hearing your music as the artist intended. By buying the best equipment you can afford, your enjoyment of music is sure to increase.

Listen Again

Sometimes, when you listen to a track or album for the first time, you don’t really appreciate it; it does very little for you and you have no desire to listen again. When you experience this, it might be worth listening to that music a few times more because research has shown that we tend to appreciate music more after repeated exposure and that song you hated could end up being one of your favorites if only you give it a chance.

Expand Your Musical Horizons

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If you tend to listen to all rock all the time or you only ever expose yourself to chart music, you’re missing out. You might think that pop music sucks or folk music isn’t for you, but unless you give it a real chance, how will you know? Anyway, it’s been shown that listening to new genres has a positive effect on the brain, hitting your reward centers in all the right ways and giving you a dopamine hit that will surely increase your enjoyment of music. Give it a try.

Take Music Lessons

Learning to play the guitar or trying out the trumpet might make your experience of listening to music even better if many musicians are to be believed. Many people who play instruments claim that knowing how instruments are played and the skill that it takes to be successful makes the act of listening to music even more enjoyable due to the increased appreciation they have for the artist’s talents.

Match Music to Your Circumstances

Some research suggests that, if you listen to music which matches your mood or the circumstances you find yourself in, enhances your enjoyment of it. This is probably because you can more easily relate to the music at that moment in time, giving you a deeper connection to the track that might be missed when you’re just listening to it randomly. That’s perhaps why we find ourselves enjoying sad music when we’re feeling down, even though it should really make us feel worse when you think about it!

Listening to music in itself is an immensely enjoyable experience, but if you listen while doing some or all of the above, that track you just liked, you might just find yourself falling in love with.


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