Don’t Overstep the Boundaries in Your Garden

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A garden in full bloom is a remarkable sight. A well looked after garden is a testament to its owner’s gardening skill, gardening knowledge, patience and overall love for being a ‘green finger’. A garden that is full of flowers is a haven for its owner, and anybody that they wish to allow into it, during the summer months especially — and it’s also a haven for wildlife too. However, when it comes to gardening it is sometimes easy to get carried with the result or end product and forget about all the guidelines that are in place to ensure that it remains safe and legal whilst work is being done to it, which is why it is easy to overlook and overstep them.

For instance, you need to keep your garden safe whenever you are doing work to it; you need to keep it safe for you, your family, your pets and even the vegetables that you grow in it. In regards to the latter you simply have to remember that even though they are vegetables they are still growing entities and should be treated with respect. Some things that you should not do in a vegetable garden include over-fertilising them, using synthetic fertilisers, planting too much in predominantly shaded areas, forgetting to amend and tend to the soil and, somewhat surprisingly, over-watering them. But it’s not just your veggies that can be inflicted by over-caring or poor care — your pets can be too. An example of this is by unknowingly using substances on the nature in your garden, such as fertilisers or weed killers, that have a negative and unhealthy impact on for your pets when they interact with them. Now, you could take to trying to stop your pets from wandering about the garden and sniffing or digging at things that will result in adverse health for them, but in doing so you would soon find it to be a futile, and altogether disheartening experience. You can’t realistically stop your pets from exploring the garden, but you can use substances such as pet friendly weed killer on any unwanted weeds in your garden that will not result in your pet being poisoned when they come to checking it out. In taking the necessary precautions when gardening you can rest assured that all the living entities that enter it in the future will be safe within it.

A dog safely enjoying a garden

But overstepping the boundaries doesn’t just refer to keeping everything inside of it safe and happy, it also refers to ensuring that the neighbours are kept happy too. By this is it meant that there are a whole host of garden laws in place to ensure that every resident in any given community is kept happy. These legal boundaries, that must be adhered to, include ensuring that any branches that grow from any trees in your allotted garden space don’t overhang over your fence. It is generally illegal for your branches to enter your neighbour’s airspace — if they do then it could be deemed that you are trespassing and your neighbour has every right to deal with the branches, and the situation, as they see fit.

Overhanging branches

So, the next time you are doing a bit of gardening remember to ensure that everything is safe and legal — this doesn’t have to be a hard task and it certainly doesn’t have to diminish any of the fun you experience whilst gardening!