Don’t Make A Mountain Out Of A Molehill: Your Common Garden Problems Solved

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No matter how hard you work on your garden, there are always going to be problems you will need to overcome. However, don’t make a mountain out a molehill! Most of your gardening nightmares can be solved quite easily, and we are here to help. Here are some simple fixes to three issues you may be facing in your garden.


Moles are not as harmful as you think they are, as they are actually very good at dealing with common lawn pests, such as grubs and slugs. They are carnivores so they won’t even eat your plants. However, the holes they leave behind can create an eyesore in your beautifully designed garden, and plant eating creatures, such as voles, can use the tunnels the moles create to get at your foliage.

While you could kill these impossibly cute little creatures, there are more humane ways of dealing with them. They don’t like strong smells, so you could put cheese or sour milk down the hole before you soil over it, and this may force the mole to pack his bags and live elsewhere. There are also humane traps available, so when you catch one, be sure to take it far from your home and let it run free in the wild.

Falling leaves

Don’t you just love the golden brown and yellow colors of the Autumn? If your answer is no, then it’s probably because Mother Nature has littered your garden with falling leaves, and you are having to dig the rake out of the shed again.

Leaves are a problem for the lawn, and if left untouched, they will prevent sunlight from getting to your lawn. However, mowing your lawn will help, mashing up the leaves and turning them into mulch to give your garden the nutrients it needs to thrive over the colder months. Alternatively, you can invest in a cool device, such as this battery powered leaf blower, which will make easy work of this frustrating garden chore.


One moment you have a weed growing in the corner of your garden, the next your garden is full of them. Weed seeds can lie dormant in your lawn for years before germinating, but when they do start to grow, they can be a real problem. You see, each weed contains thousands of other seeds, and they can be spread around your garden, or blown in from further afield.

There are chemical products that can kill weeds, but they can be harmful to small children and pets who may play in the garden. Thankfully, there are natural ways to deal with weeds, such as making a homemade concoction to get rid of them or getting on your hands and knees to pull them away at the root. You should also keep your lawn healthy, mowing regularly, and using mulch as a natural weed barrier.

Final word

These are only a few of the problems you will face in your garden, but we hope we have managed to reduce some of your woes. Look online and around this site for more helpful advice.




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