Don’t Get Spaced Out – Home Build A Bigger Business

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If you run a home-based business you may find that space is often at a high premium.  Whether it is extra storage solutions, room to add a new desk or two as your business develops or a place to meet with clients that reflects a professional image – as your home business grows you might start finding yourself considering more professional premises.

Renting professional office space can be expensive however and if you have chosen a home-based business for the convenience of being at home this can seem like a betrayal of your core business values. However there is another option for you to get all the space you need and grow the value of the company and your property.  

If you have land then you have the flexibility of creating a bespoke office space that matches your business needs and adds real value to your real estate.

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Here are some options to consider if you decide a home office build is the right path for your growing business:

  • Location – this is important because unless you use a generator or pay to get your building connected directly to the mains you will need a way of running electricity from your main property building. Another option is to consider putting on solar panels as part of the build specifications – this delivers a number of benefits including cheaper office running costs and a more sustainable business footprint.  If you do choose solar panels, the location of the building is still important to ensure you make the most of the sunlight.
  • Design – you know your business better than anyone so it makes sense for you to be closely involved in the design of your office space to ensure it meets your business needs.  Designing a building is highly technical however so unless you have experience it is always advisable to seek the advice from a professional to ensure your building works structurally as well as for the day to day running of your business
  • Materials – as part of the design process you need to decide what materials you are going to build with.  There are pros and cons to most materials so do your homework before committing to one construction method.  The most common materials used include woods, steel and brick but these can be mixed with stone, straw bales and other alternative building materials to deliver a very unique and personal home office
  • The build – once you have the location, design and an idea of the materials you want to use the next focal point is the build itself. There are two real options here – you can choose to outsource the build completely by using a contractor or purchasing a ready made building such as metal building packages which can save both time and money. If you have the skills and patience however you can try to do much of the build yourself which will save on labor costs but could cost you a lot more in time and frustration down the line.