Do You Resent Your Garden? Here’s How To Embrace Your Green Fingers!

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It’s funny how often people put huge amounts of effort into making the inside of their homes as beautiful as possible. They carefully choose colour schemes for each room, arrange them carefully, and bring a sense of charm and personality to every inch. And yet, when it comes to their garden, it’s almost as if they’d prefer it wasn’t there. Far too often people seem just to want to ignore their garden. This is often because it presents a whole bunch of different challenges from taking care of the interior of your home. However, just because you’ve had no luck with your garden in the past doesn’t mean that things are going to carry on that way. Here are a few ways to get over your resentment of your garden and embrace your green fingers.

Get a greenhouse

A lot of plants and vegetables can be incredibly difficult to grow in your garden. Perhaps they require a lot of specialised equipment or perhaps they simply can’t stand up to the weather conditions where you live. Whatever the cause, there are few things more disappointing than being unable to make anything grow. That’s where a greenhouse can come in incredibly handy. Rather than taking your chances with the weather, you can create a space where your plants are always protected, and that is specially designed to provide them with as much sunlight as possible. Check out for more information on the kind of greenhouse that would be perfect for you. Of course, you do need to remember to water your plants since they’re going to be so well protected from the elements.   

Find some hardy plants

Of course, if you do get something to grow, it can be seriously disheartening to watch them wither away and die very quickly. If you want to avoid having to constantly plant new items in your garden, why not stick with some tough plants that are more likely to stand up to things like the changing seasons without falling apart on you. Sure, it would be nice to have a garden filled with beautiful, delicate flowers. But if you want a garden that you don’t have to constantly worry about, then that’s the kind of trade-off you’re going to have to make.

Keep things simple

The biggest mistake that a lot of rookie gardeners make is that they try to be too ambitious with what they want from their garden. The truth is you don’t need a colour coded flower bed, water feature, and three-layered vegetable patch to make your garden great. All you really need is a place to relax and a few splashes of colour. Don’t get too caught up in precision and details. Just keep things simple and make gardening something you can actually enjoy, rather than feeling obligated to do.

The truth is that making your garden beautiful is always going to be hard work. But by turning your garden into the kind of place where you actually want to spend your time, that hard work is going to feel a whole lot more worthwhile than it would otherwise.