Could You Be Entitled To More? The Dilemmas We Find Ourselves In And The Justice We Can Seek

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When it comes to the world there is no more perception that the world is flat, Christopher Columbus put that theory to bed all those years ago and the world has now been seen as a much smaller place thanks to the advancements in technology. These advancements mean that we can jump on a pane and literally be on the other side of the world in a day. It means that we can jump in our cars and get from one place to another with ease. We have larger ones with modern technology making life easier for us. Vacuum cleaners that can clean your home themselves, and gadgets that tell us the latest headlines or play our favourite tunes by answering our requests.

Of course, with the advancements in technology comes the threat f accidents and issues happening that are completely beyond our control. While there are fewer major accidents these days, there are still situations that we can find ourselves in that are simply not our fault. These are the situations that as consumers and human beings, we deserve justice and even compensation for our losses and hardship. I wanted to share with you some of the dilemas anyone of us can find ourselves in and help you to seek the justice you deserve.

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Delays on your plane journey

One of the first things you might experience an issue with that can be quite common for a lot of us is delays on your plane journeys. This can be for many different reasons and some of the common are things like weather but also staff shortages and sickness, and even the plane needing repairs or replacing. In some instances, you may find that you are entitled some form of compensation for the delay. The airline does have a duty of care to ensure that you are perfectly okay with your delay and to provide water and even food vouchers.

Being involved in a plane crash

Plane crashes are not that common these days, but they do still happen. They can obviously vary in regards to how severe they can be. Plane crashes can be as extreme as causing destruction to the aircraft and causing it to crash land, or it could be that there is a problem with a part of the engine that causes an emergency landing. If you do happen to be involved in an incident involving an aircraft then places like Slack Davis Sanger Aviation Law can give you advice on how to peruse your case and also how you can get some compensation and the justice you deserve, especially when it comes to passenger safety on board, an airline does have a duty of care.

Car accidents

Driving along and minding your own business, taking care on the road and sticking to speed limits and road rules. You may be the perfect driver, but what you can’t control is how other people drive and act on the road. This is when accidents happen. A car accident can be an awful thing to experience. It might feel like time is standing still and the accident and crash is happening in slow motion. Much like a plane crash, if the accident isn’t your fault then you can seek compensation from the other parties insurance company for things like injury and loss of income. It can cause a lot of upheaval in terms of getting around and also could mean that you need time off work.

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Accidents at work

Accidents can happen in all kinds of situations and scenarios. The workplace is another location where you could be minding your own business and getting on with your day, but it is someone else’s negligence that can cause you to be involved in an accident. You may find that you slip on a wet surface where there is no warning. It might be that equipment you use daily is faulty or hasn’t been checked in a while. This is when accidents happen and can cause to be out of work for a while, which in turn affects your lifestyle and income. Again in this situation many employers have insurance to cover problems when it comes to accidents and can give you compensation to help with the issue.

Being dismissed unfairly from your job

Sometimes you may find that when you are working that things are just not going as well as they could or should be. There may be a restructure in work where you don’t get on with a manager you now have to report into, or you could find that youstrugle with your work colleagues. Employers who want to let people go from their employment have certain procedures to follow, but you also may find that these procedures are not followed correctly and you are unfairly dismissed. If you find that you are in this situation then you may want to seek advice and take action against them to ensure that you get the justice you deserve in this situation.

Have you been mis-sold financial products?

Many people use financial products to help them through life. A mortgage is used to buy a house. A loan may be granted to buy a car and people use credit cards to help them with everyday spending and luxuries. However, if you find that you are paying out for additional protections on these products or maybe you were sold a product that really doesn’t suit your reds or circumstances, then you may have a case to claim back money spent when you have been mis sold financial products.

When your insurance policies won’t pay out

Finally, we pay out for insurances on many different things in the hope that we don’t ever have to use them, but there may be situations we find ourselves in when we have to use those insurance policies and one of the main ones would be insurance for your contents. When you are burgled you find that you may want to claim for the lost items, but this is when insurances can be devious and only pay out if you have proof of ownership and payment. However, if you do have any sense, a good tip it to photograph and have evidence of the items you own through financial statements or receipts. Just to cover yourself.

I hope that these tips and highlighting some of the issues we can all face help you to be more aware of what you are entitled to and how to get the justice you deserve.